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Upgrade your appliances

If your washing machine is over 10 years old, it's time to update your appliances to save energy, water and detergents.


With the average household washing nearly 400 loads of laundry each year, it’s important to understand the impact of this highly used device. Clothes washers are the second biggest water-hogging appliances (behind toilets). That’s a lot of water - that could be used more efficiently.

If your washer is over ten years old, a new Energy Star® qualified washer can cut your water costs in half and noticeable reduce your electricity bill by as much as one third.





New laundry machines are awash with innovations like sensor and intelligence controls that measure how dirty clothes are, then adjust water and cleaning time accordingly.  Whisper-quiet models complete even oversized loads without disturbing the peace and there are even washers with interior lighting that add a practical and decorative touch to the clean scene.

Smart Washing Machines

SAMSUNG DIAMOND: Volt control is a new technology that safeguards a washing machine from high levels of shock and even lower voltage, providing consistent volt control, which protects the life of the machine. An additional protective measure in the washing machine also protects clothes as it controls the washing cycle even in unforeseen fluctuations and will automatically restart after power outages.

LG STEAM DIRECT: Washing machines designed to make efficient use of water, and reduce energy consumption. They exceed the Energy Saving Trust's recommended standards for energy-efficient consumer products. With their extra-large capacity, you can do more laundry in fewer loads. Combine that with steam technology that also reduces water and energy use, and you’re talking about a 51% reduction in electricity consumption, and a 44% reduction in water consumption, compared to standard washers.

BOSCH ECO PERFECT: Designed to save up to 30% of energy consumption with best washing performance and up to 60% of time with best washing performance. Bosch washing machines are 'A' rated for energy efficiency and wash efficiency.

Washing machines energy labelling

The aim of the energy efficiency label is to offer consumers a standardised method of choosing the most energy efficient appliance, while at the same time offering you the best possible washing results. For washing machines the Cotton 60°C program is used as the standard program upon which energy efficiency, washing performance and spin-drying performance levels are rated. The energy label for washing machines compromises 3 classifications (ranging from "A" to "G" rating) namely:

• Energy efficiency
• Washing performance
• Spin-drying performance

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