Recycled tin can potted plants

Recycle old paint or coffee tins into attractive plant holders that can be hung in the garden to decorate a plain wall.



Paint or coffee cans
Rust-Oleum painters touch spray paint
Masking tape and/or stickers for lettering
Hammer and nail
Hooks for fence (if you will be hanging your planters)






1. Clean off any labels for the cans and scrape off glue from the sides. Spray paint your cans with your first colour of spray paint. Allow to dry thoroughly, usually at least 2 to 3 hours.

2. Apply masking tape in your design of choice. In my case, I wanted striped cans so I used the masking tape to allow for green stripes underneath. Apply your second colour of spray paint and allow to dry thoroughly. When dry, gently remove your masking tape.

3. Add your word of choice with simple stickers. In my case, I spelled out the word "BLOOM" for my third paint can. I also applied more masking tape to my striped cans so I would end up with a third white stripe, and then spray painted them with a third shade of white. When dry, gently remove your masking tape and/or stickers.

4. Use the hammer and a nail to puncture drainage holes in the bottom of your paint can. Use a towel underneath your can so you don’t cause any damage to your paint.

5. If hanging your planters, then screw your hooks into your fence. Painting your hooks ties the whole look together.

6. Add gravel to the bottom of your planter, then some potting soil and your favourite blooms.

Using outdoor spray paint will allow your cans to withstand the seasons, and the sun’s rays. Can you believe such an industrial object could turn out so lovely?