Make serviette rings from cardboard tubes

I know this project has been around and around, but with the holidays so close I thought it might be nice to refresh the idea of using cardboard tubes to make decorative serviette holders for the festive table.

I made serviette rings from an empty Cling Wrap tube. A few months ago I was getting ready to throw away an empty box and happened to notice how strong the cardboard tube was, and how it would be great for making serviette rings.


Cardboard tube
Small pieces of fabric
No-sew interfacing - only a small piece required
Craft knife and cutting mat
Pinking shears
Fabric glue, double-sided tape or hot glue
Clear plastic ruler
Tape measure and pencil




1. One cardboard tube will make 8 serviette rings 4cm wide and about 35mm diameter. If you want to make wider rings - you only make 6.

2. Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the width for each ring and then use your craft knife to neatly cut through the sections.

3. I cut interfacing to hide the markings inside the tubes. I did this step because the striped fabric I used was sort of thin and I wanted to be sure to totally cover up the inside of the tubes. Use double-sided tape to secure interfacing to the inside and outside of the tubes.

4. Cut your fabric large enough to wrap around and inside the cardboard tube.

5. Place the napkin ring in the centre of the fabric and secure the end with double-sided tape (or glue), making sure the tape covers only a tiny edge of the fabric or else you’ll see it in your final product.

6. Roll the fabric tightly around the tube and secure using a dab of fabric glue or hot glue. If you cut the edges with pinking shears you don't have to worry about the fabric fraying, alternatively, add a dab of fabric glue along the cut edge.

7. Put a dab of glue on one end of the fabric and fold inside the ring - gluing to the inside of the cardboard tube. Repeat for the other side. Raw edges will meet in the middle of the inside.

8. Using your pinking shears, cut one strip of ribbon for each serviette ring. Apply fabric glue to one side of the ribbon and then curl it up a bit to slip inside the tube.

9. Glue the ribbon on top of the raw fabric edges to cover them up. Use the end of your pencil to roll the ribbon flat inside. Leave the glue to dry overnight before use.