Sturdy seat or stool made from cardboard

Cardboard furniture hovers on the fringe of design, but recycled cardboard furniture is definitely popular. This cardboard seat or stool is made using recycled cardboard boxes and tubes.


The seat or stool uses strong cardboard tubes in two different sizes, and the thick, layered cardboard frame is sturdy and strong. These cardboard tubes are from rolls of paper and you can usually pick these up on online sites like or ask around to see if any of your acquaintances know of anyone who can obtain larger cardboard tubes like these. Fabric stores often have large cardboard tubes that they throw away.




1. First you will need to cut the cardboard for the front and back sections. There are four layers on each side, so you will need a total of 8 pieces. Have enough cardboard so that each side section has one layer with the corrugation running horizontal and the other vertical. This strengthens the design.

2. Draw out a template using the measurements in the diagram above and transfer this onto your cardboard sections. Use a sharp craft knife to cut these out.

Replace the blade in the craft knife should it become blunt - you want neat, clean edges.

3. Use an Olfa circular cutter to cut the holes for the cardboard tubes that you will use for the seat section.

You will find a wide range of Olfa cutting tools at your local Builders, craft or hobby store. We use this brand regularly for craft projects featured on and recommend their tools if you do a lot of cutting.


4. Glue the side sections together with PVA glue. Clamp or place heavy objects on top, and leave them overnight. In the morning you can apply glue to the inside of the holes and insert the tubes.

After gluing the tubes in place, once again leave overnight for the glue to dry before using your cardboard tube seat or stool.


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