Make a Macramé Plant Hanger

For many years I have been using macramé for plant hangers and wall hangings, as far back as the 80s when macramé was trending. Macramé is an inexpensive way to create your own plant hangers - and fun too!


Once again trending, macramé has taken a new twist (excuse the pun!) and you can use t-shirt yarn or plarn to make macramé hangers. You will find the basic knots here on Home-Dzine, so make up some t-shirt yarn, recycle plastic bags to make your own plarn, and get crafting. Or, if you prefer, pop into your local Builders or craft store for sisal or nylon rope to make your macramé plant hangers.



Once you realise how easy it is to make your own macramé decor you won't want to stop.

Follow the instructions below to make your own t-shirt yarn macramé plant hanger. 


T-shirt yarn, plarn or rope - 8 of 4 metres lengths

Length of pine and a cup hook

Copper pipe couplers [8]


Tape measure

Spring or quick clamps



1. Screw the cup hook into the centre of the pine batten. Clamp the batten down onto a sturdy table.

GOOD TO KNOW: Protect your table with an old blanket before clamping down the batten.

2. Take the eight 4 metres lengths and fold in half so that you have a total of 16 lengths. Tie a knot about 10cm from the fold and slip over the hook.

3. Follow the instructions in the links above to tie a half-square knot - starting on the left group. Tie 15 half-square knots in each group of 4 lengths.

GOOD TO KNOW: To ensure the yarn spirals in the same direction - always start on the same side for each length.

4. Once you've completed the half-square knots, place a copper coupler on the middle 2 strands of each group. Push up until they are just under the last knot.

5. Using the outer lengths, continue to make another 10 half-square knots in all the lengths.

6. Using 2 outer lengths from two groups, thread another copper coupler onto the 4 lengths - placing the copper coupler approximately 15cm below the last knot.

7. To secure the copper coupler, tie a simple knot below. Repeat until all the lengths are secured.

8. To finish, tie a large knot about 20cm below the last knot and use scissors to trim the remaining lengths to add the tassled effect at the base of the hanger.


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