Make an aluminium can tab bracelet

Popping up everywhere, aluminium can tab bracelets sell at prices ranging from R50 upwards to R200 depending on the design. Aluminium can tab bracelets are easy to make and it's a great idea for starting a home-based business if you are looking to bring in a bit of extra cash. See more can tab bracelet designs on Etsy.




You will need at least a metre of elastic or about a metre and a half of fabric, plus around 25 clean can tabs.




Take your first can tab and thread the elastic through the top and bottom holes.

Take your second can tab and -- keeping the rough side together with the rough side of the first tab -- thread the elastic through that one.

Then, alternating sides and overlapping (like brickwork), you need to add another can tab. The first tab has the right side facing down and the second tab -- at the back -- has the rough side facing up. Now you can add another tab with the rough side facing down. Cross feed the elastic to make an X.

Then you just keep doing it...

until you have a bracelet that fits around your wrist.

Tie off the last tab at the starting point and make a neat knot, cutting away any excess.