Using old clothes in new ways

Every year we throw away clothes and textiles that could be used in other ways. In fact, there are now companies that recycle old clothes into fashionable items for the home.


According to only 20% of discarded clothing is reused or recycled, with the majority ending up on our trash heaps. That's a staggering waste of materials that can be reused, repurposed or recycled.

There is so much possibility for recycling clothing that a German company, Lumikello, uses discarded clothing to make stylish accessories for  the home. You will find a selection of their items on

Such a simple idea but this was the beginning of a design industry that focuses on using only secondhand clothing and scrap fabrics to make new items. All the pieces are cleaned and cut into strips to make the yarn for weaving.

The company incorporates this unique yarn into their colourful pieces. All items made are washable and environmentally friendly - and items that you could make yourself at home using old clothing that you are looking to throw away.



Acquaint yourself with the basic stitches for crochet and you will find out how easy it is to turn old clothes into colourful accessories for your home - you will find these in our Sewing / Knitting section.

We also recently compiled a selection of fun ideas for using old t-shirts in new ways. So take a look at these options and see what you can do with old clothes instead of throwing them out.


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