Repurpose old t-shirts

Before you toss out any old t-shirts, take a look at some great ideas to repurpose old t-shirts.


T-shirts are worn for a season and then tossed out, but by collecting them instead of throwing them out is one way to do your bit towards recycling - and save money too! There are so many ways to repurpose, upcycle and reuse t-shirts that we thought we would search around for some of the best - and easiest - ways to repurpose old t-shirts.

Using old t-shirts to make carrier bags is even more eco-friendly than buying eco-friendly bags! You're repurposing an item that would otherwise be thrown away and end up on the trash heap. No matter the size of the t-shirt, you can make a collection of bags small to large that can be used by the entire family.



When the kids outgrow their t-shirts but can't bear to part with them - turn them into a t-shirt bag.

This no-sew project from greco design company is simple enough. Remove the neck and sleeves of the t-shirt. Cut strips in the base and use these strips to close off with knots.

Rag rugs will always be a popular choice for repurposing old t-shirts, but with a bit of savvy you can make a rug rag that is fun and colourful. We've included step-by-step instructions for making the circular rag rug shown below. It's made using a circular cardboard template or hula-hoop and plenty of t-shirt yarn, so start collecting old t-shirts from family and friends.

If you're handy with a sewing machine, the choices for using old t-shirts as part of your next project are endless. Kids grow out of their clothes so fast, it would be nice to use old t-shirts to make new clothes.

Fun bibs for baby are another way to put old t-shirts to good use, and you can never have enough bibs!

Making a fringe scarf is an easy way to repurpose your favourite t-shirt. Simply cut off the top and bottom of the t-shirt, cut a fringe and then do some basic macramé knots to add a dash of personal style.

If a fringe scarf is not your style, then why not use an old t-shirt to make a chunky knotted neckpiece using basic knots. You will find instructions for making the necklace on craft tuts.

And there are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest for using old t-shirts to make clothing and accessories.

Fabric bangles are a fun accessory and you can make them using t-shirts in colours that complement your outfit. Braid them, twist them and add beads to make your own personal designs.

Headbands and scrunchies are another fun way to reuse old t-shirts, especially for little girls and moms.

The stretchy fabric of t-shirts makes them ideal for headbands, and you can add your own embellishments of bows and flowers as you wish.

And let's not forget about dog chew toys and play toys for cats.

Buying new chew toys for your favourite pooch can cost a fortune, but it's easy and free to make your own toys - for dogs or cats - using old t-shirts.

There is so much possibility for using old clothes that Lumikello uses discarded clothing to make stylish accessories for  the home. Click here to read our article on recycling clothes into accessories for a home.

The next time you are sorting out closets and wardrobes and have a pile of t-shirts that are no longer needed, think about how you can put these to good use in other ways.



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