Crafty Ways to Use Bubble Wrap In and Around the Home

Bubble wrap is an overlooked yet practical for so many uses in the home, from insulating a home in several ways to helping you be comfortable. Read on for some great ideas.






I never thought that I would write an article on the usefulness of bubble wrap. Not because it is plastic, which is not a good thing, but because it can be used in so many practical and ingenious ways. I usually purchase a roll of bubble wrap at Westpack in Randburg that I use for wrapping projects and artwork for transport. When I have bubble wrap left over, I have discovered and researched so many ways that this can be put to good use and I share some of these crafty and clever ideas below.







Use bubble wrap as insulation

Originally invented almost 50 years ago for use as a trendy wallpaper, bubble wrap was reinvented into the packaging material that we know today. This genius invention is an effective way to protect items being moved, posted, or carried due to the air-filled bubbles that give bubble wrap its name.





With a surface covered in air-filled bubbles, it makes sense that bubble wrap would make a good product for insulation. The benefits of using bubble wrap for insulation include the fact that it is a lightweight and very flexible material that can easily be cut or shaped to suit a purpose.





Prevent heat-loss via windows

Cut a piece of bubble wrap to fit over a window pane. Mist the window with water using a spray bottle and gently place the bubble wrap onto the glass. The water will hold the bubble wrap in place without the need for any adhesives and it will prevent heat loss through the glass and help insulate the home in winter.





Close gaps around windows and doors

Gaps around window frames and doors are the main culprits to heat loss in the home. Why not use bubble wrap as an effective insulation material by cutting it into strips and glueing it around the frames to block out draughts? You can even make a roll of bubble wrap using a couple of elastic bands or ties to place at the bottom of doors to keep draughts out.





Bubble wrap can be recycled, but why not find practical uses for it in the home?





Use bubble wrap for crafts

Kids can play with pretty much anything, so why not let them get crafty with bubble wrap? They can tape it on a paint roller or rolling pin, or they can play bubble stomp.











Use bubble wrap to close off an open fireplace

When a fireplace is not in use but still open, you can close this off to prevent cold draughts by taping bubble wrap around the opening. Because the bubble wrap is translucent it won't be as obvious as other materials.





Use bubble wrap as protective padding for transport

Besides its many other uses, bubble wrap will always be the best at protecting items for transport - large or small. The air bubbles on bubble wrap ensure that knocks won't affect your valuable cargo.





Use bubble wrap to provide privacy

If you live in a rental home or you have windows where it is difficult to remove and replace the glass for frosted glass, bubble wrap serves a purpose. It is transparent and won't block out light but will distort vision and give you some privacy.









Use bubble wrap to protect footwear

Just as pool noodles can be used to support boots, so can bubble wrap and it can also be used to protect shoes from scuffing and scratches when being packed away. 





Prevent ice on car windshield

Tape a layer of bubble wrap on a car windshield or back window to prevent a buildup of ice during particularly cold weather, This will save you from running your car until it melts and wasting time trying to remove the ice.






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