Revamp recycled bottles with Rust-Oleum Universal metallics

I have a habit of not throwing anything away until I have run out of options for upcycling. Glass bottles are one of my favourite and I have a cupboard full of bottles, containers and jars waiting to become projects. This time I dug out some old tequila bottles that have been lying around for 20 odd years! 


You can spray almost anything with Rust-Oleum spray paint and Rust-Oleum Universal spray paint comes in a range of gorgeous metallics. For this project I am using Rust-Oleum Universal titanium silver, aged copper and oil-rubbed bronze, although you can use any combination of Rust-Oleum Universal metallics for this project.

Before you start, make sure your bottles are clean and dry and then grab your cans of spray paint and give them a good shake. I applied the lighter metallic colour onto the bottles first. A single coat applied all the way around was enough to cover up. 



After letting the first coat dry, spray on the darker metallic colour - Rust-Oleum Universal oil-rubbed bronze in this case. Have a piece of cotton wool handy (I actually used some offcuts of batting leftover from upholstery projects!) Before the coat of paint has time to dry, dab with the wool to gently remove some of the wet paint.

Let the paint dry before using some fine steel wool to rub gently over the painted finish. You want to rub enough to make the finish look aged and antique.

Bottles with a design on obviously turn out better with this technique than smooth bottles, but you can always add your own design with craft leading or tubes of glass deco paint.