Quick Project: Upcycle a Pine Dresser with Paint and Paper!

Do you have a pine dresser or chest of drawers at home in desperate need of a makeover? Try this paint and paper method and completely transform a plain piece of furniture!


This project is super easy to do and will instantly transform a plain pine dresser into a stunning feature for any room in a home. Choose a Contact self-adhesive paper that you like, or if you can't find a suitable Contact paper you can substitute with wrapping paper.

1. Remove the drawers and take off any hardware before lightly sanding the surface of the wood. Wipe clean so that the Contact paper will stick well to the surface.

2. Cut the Contact paper exactly to cover the front of the drawer.

3. Carefully peel away the backing, starting at one corner, and place the sticky side onto the drawer front.

GOOD TO KNOW: As you remove the backing from the Contact self-adhesive paper, use your other hand to press out any air bubbles and smoothly press the Contact paper onto the wood surface.

4. Before re-attaching the old knobs, give them a couple of coats of paint using the same paint as used to paint the dresser frame. Or spoil yourself and buy some new handles or knobs.



5. Lightly sand the dresser frame before applying two coats of Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte paint in Charcoal, and apply a Top Coat finish over the top once the painted finish is completely dry.

6. Insert the drawers back into the dresser, stand back and enjoy!




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