Makeover an old pine coffee table

Kristin at Ink Blots & Polka Dots shows how she transformed a pine coffee table.


I love making over an old piece. It gives it new life, new potential and in doing so, can totally change the look of a space. Take for example this old pine coffee table. When we first bought it, we used it as a coffee table. Really. It held decorating magazines, displayed a nice vignette or two and was a safe place to put your coffee down.

Then kids happened and the coffee table suddenly took on a new, more dented identity. Put in the playroom, it started sporting some impressive battle scars … none the least of which were the monster truck demolitions that would take place on it – the small Hot Wheels cars being pummeled with the massive metal Tonka dump truck, you know the one…



Since moving into a "new" home, our old furniture is in the process of finding their way back into their rightful places. Since I knew that this old coffee table was headed back upstairs to our sunroom, I knew that I needed to give it a fresh start; and what better way that with a coat of fresh white paint. First I sanded it down, then sprayed on a quick coat of Rust-Oleum 2X Espresso on all the edges and ledge trim.

After it dried, I applied one coat of Prominent's universal primer. This is sometimes where I wonder if I am doing the right thing because it looks so awful! After two coats of Prominent's Island white in eggshell, I distressed it with 80-grit sandpaper and this is what I ended up with:

... a purposefully distressed finish!

Now the new coffee table is ready to take pride on place in the new home.