Cardboard Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for ways to recycle cardboard and cardboard boxes, check out some of these crazy cool crafts for kids.


When it comes to recyclng projects, I love to find new ways to use old stuff. The problem is that many ideas you find on the Internet just aren't practical, or they are made to look good on the video but wouldn't actually last for more than 5 minutes in real life.



I just love finding sites that offer creative projects that last, look good and are easy to make and these videos from Kinder Mix are fantastic. Using corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes they offer some pretty cool crafts that you can make for your kids, or that your kids can make for themselves and some of the ideas are unbelievable they look - and work - so well.

Kinder miX is a YouTube channel that offers a wide selection of projects for young box - and even grown ups - to make a variety of racing tracks using corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes. The projects range from single components to full-on racing tracks that kids can use to play with cars.

If your kids love playing with the boxes that gifts came in, rather than the gifts themselves, here's how you can really surprise them. Don't even buy the gifts - make your own gifts using cardboard.



For older kids, Kinder miX also offer a selection of games that the kids can make themselves using cardboard products. From basic games that utillise magnets to a basic hockey game.

If you want more information or to see how you can make your own games using cardboard, pop onto the Kinder miX YouTube channel.



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