Gift box using pringles container

Recycle a pringles container into a decorative gift box that can be embellished for any occasion. The one shown here is dressed with beautiful paper roses, but you can finish in any style using wrapping papers, PC printouts and some decorative embellishments.


Empty pringles container
Scrap piece of cardboard
Wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper or patterned paper printed on your PC printer
Craft knife and cutting mat
Tube of Pattex contact adhesive
Bostik sprayable adhesive
Your choice of embellishments




1. Use a craft knife to carefully remove the top ring and bottom of the container. Trim to a neat edge with scissors.

2. Use your craft knife to cut open one side of the container.

3. Score along the centre line at the back of the container. Don't cut too deep - just enough to be able to bend the container to form the lid. Place a line of sellotape along the back side of the score line to strengthen.

4. Use the cut away section as a template to draw the two ends on a piece of cardboard.

5. Cover the two end pieces with wrapping paper using sprayable adhesive. Cover the front and back of the ends. Now you can use a creative stamping kit - if you have one - to add shading to the ends.

6. Before securing the ends in place, spray the outside of the container to attach your choice of wrapping or scrapbooking paper, or print out a design on your PC printer.

7. Apply a bead of Pattex contact adhesive around the outside of both ends, and around the inside edge of the container. Leave until no longer tacky and then carefully place the ends inside the edge of the container. Press down with your fingers to ensure a firm bond.


Now you can embellish your gift box using a variety of materials. Use ribbon and lace to cover up raw edges and make a closure for the container using decorative elastic and a vintage button.