Portable ironing table

This small, portable ironing table takes up little space and can easily be stored away



This handy ironing table is made using from a fold-up table or butlers tray and is perfect for when you need to iron in a cramped space. Plus, when not in use you can fold it up and put away without it taking up too much space. I think this ironing table would be perfect for a small craft or hobby room, or ideal to have close at hand when doing sewing projects.


TV or butlers tray, or fold up stool
Cotton fabric to cover
Piece of tin foil large enough to cover the top
Two layers of thin batting
Bosch Tacker or staple gun




Note: The original project didn't include tin foil to cover the table, but I recommend this to prevent steam from damaging the surface of the table.

1. Before you start wrap the top of the table with tin foil and fold under the edges.

2. Cut the fabric and batting, with the batting large enough to cover the side edges of the table, and the fabric at least 10 centimetres larger than the top of the table.

3. On a flat, sturdy surface, place the fabric right side down and top with a double layer of batting. Place your table over the layers in the centre.

4. Cut away the corners of the batting to prevent this being too bulky when it is all folded over.

5. Fold over the edge of the fabric to hide raw edges and prevent fraying, but make sure there is still plenty of fabric to fasten underneath the table top.

6. Wrap the fabric over the sides of the table and start stapling to the underside, working from the centre out. Make sure the fabric is taut as you work from side to side. Leave the corners until last.

7. Leave enough fabric at the corners to be able to fold over at the corner and neatly tuck over the side pieces for a nice neat finish and staple in place.