Quick Project: Recycled coffee can storage

Here's a way to keep a desktop neat and tidy, and to recycle aluminium coffee cans - turn them into practical storage for a desk shelf.


Here's a great way to recycle coffee cans, paint cans, or any other large cans that you collect when recycling. Build a shelf frame to fit around the cans and mount onto the wall for practical storage above a desk.




1. Clean out the cans and dry thoroughly before use.

2. Collect as many cans as you want for your shelf, line them up and measure the total length. Pop into your local Builders store to order 16mm SupaWood, plywood, or laminated pine shelving and have this cut to size.


3. Make up the shelf, sand and paint to match your desk or home office decor.

4. Use double-sided tape, or Prestik, to secure the cans in place along the bottom shelf.

You can use the cans to store stationary and accessories. They're ideal for corralling all your pens and pencils and can even be used for pamphlets and papers.



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