Upcycle aluminium cans into trinket boxes, wall tiles and more

Don't throw away aluminium cans... turn them into trinket boxes, wall tiles and more. If you live in a region where recycling hasn't yet become the norm for household waste, looking at ways to recycle some of the household rubbish that normally gets tossed out is not only creative fun, it's also a way to put waste such as glass and aluminium to use in other ways.



Pewter is an expensive material to work with, but if you want to try your hand at working with pewter - use aluminium cans to practice your techniques. Aluminium from recycled cans is very thin and pliable, and it's easy to apply designs and use tin snips to cut the metal into shapes.


Aluminium cans are an inexpensive alternative to using pewter. It's also soft and pliable and is easy to work with. You don't even need fancy tools to craft with aluminium sheets - a pen and pencil, tin snips and a cutting mat are all that you need, plus gloves to protect you from the sharp edges.


Even the kids can get crafty with recycled aluminium cans. Do all the cutting beforehand and use a Dremel MultiTool and grinding stone to dull the edges, so that it's safe for the kids to make their own unique creations and wall art.







Use recycled aluminium cans to make name and marker tags for the garden. You can pop them into the ground when sewing seeds, or use in your herb garden.


You can use recycled aluminium cans to add decorative detail and embellish a plain picture frame. Or wrap a box made of supawood with aluminium to create a one-of-a-kind decor accessory or gift.


Once you have cut open an aluminium can with tin snips or a Dremel MultiTool and cutting disk, flatten this out. Create your own unique aluminium embellishments for greeting cards.

There are still many areas around the country that haven't yet implemented recycling procedures for household waste. This project shows how you can use aluminium cans to make trinket boxes, decorative walls tiles and other items that cost nothing and look great.