Recycle a Plastic Bottle into a Family Toothbrush Holder

When a family shares a bathroom, you always need extra storage for everyone's bathroom essentials, like this recycled plastic bottle turned into a family toothbrush holder.


It's quirky and it's fun... making a family toothbrush holder by recycling a plastic cold drink bottle. And every family bathroom needs that extra bit of storage space, so why not have a place for the entire family's toothbrushes.

I am always a huge fan of projects that make use of recycled items, and particularly those that use plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes. This recycled plastic bottle toothbrush holder is an excellent way of making use of trash to create a practical item for a home. You would also use this project to make a holder for your makeup brushes, pencils and paintbrushes, or any other clever way that you might find a use for it.








A collection of clear plastic bottles, 4 are needed for this project

Craft or utility knife

Silicone sealer

Ruler and marker pen



1. The first step is to remove the top section of one of the bottles. You can see how much is required in the image at the top of this page. This is for the main section of the toothbrush holder.

2. You also need to cut off the bottom part of the bottle, once again taking a look at the image above to see how much to cut away.

3. Now that you have a top and bottom section, trim the cut edges neatly.

4. To make the other openings for the toothbrush holder you will need to cut 3 top sections from other bottles. Don't throw these away - we have plenty of ideas for using the remaining bottles in our Craft - Recycling sections.







5. To make openings for the additional tops in the main section, decide where you want to place the tops and mark this with a market pen. Use your craft knife to pierce the bottle in order to cut holes for the tops. Make the holes only slightly smaller that the tops.

6. Push the tops into the cut out openings and secure in place with a bead of silicone around the top. If you don't want to wait a long time for the silicone to cure, which will only do so overnight, you could also use 5-minute epoxy glue to secure the tops into the openings in the bottle.

To finish off the toothbrush holder, fit the bottom section onto the top and it will slide in place. Having a removable bottom section makes it ideal for cleaning the toothbrush holder as and when required.



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