Recycling Projects for the Kids

With a week to go of lockdown, and who knows how much longer until the kids go back to school, here's a selection of clever recycling projects the kids can do with plastic bottles.



With only a week remaining for lockdown and an unknown amount of time until the kids go back to school, parents will be looking for ways to keep the children occupied. We offer a selection of clever recycling projects the kids can do with plastic bottles.







Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Winter is just around the corner and this is the time of year that we need to think about the feathered friends that visit our gardens. During the winter the birds, small and large, struggle to find food and making a bird feeder will not only attract birds to your garden, you will keep them and their families well fed during the winter months.


Making a bird feeder using plastic bottles is an easy project that the kids can do with a sharp pair of scissors. If there's a bit of woodworking involved - even better. The kids also learn a little about woodworking as well, and you can make use of any scrap pieces of wood lying around, or pallet wood is even better. - 731131320742376671/?nic_v1=1aChx2b7lAGhZ22vabdx%2FVZIlMoqjy%2FXj5xGnQtEZo13Drcc6tqeQgwsI1H3JhVfci


The bird feeders can be as basic or as detailed as their attention spans allows; they can make a bird feeder for small garden birds and one for larger birds like doves and pigeons. The children will be amazed at the variety of birds that will visit the garden in search of food. - 401242648029279267/?nic_v1=1ayZesTYOt%2FtOa%2FyjPGa9iZF6BYpmKjFnJgmZ42x3JY2WfQ1FN1B9TLEOp3MOPhyay

Children can have so much fun making a variety of different bird feeders for all types of birds that visit the garden. We even have instructions below for them to make a humming bird or butterfly nectar feeder made from recycled plastic bottles.








Plastic Bottle Bird House

Food is essential for wild birds during the winter, but water is also in short supply in those areas that don't receive a lot of rain during the colder months. Make a plastic bottle water feeder lets birds visit your garden for the water they need to live. See if you can design your own ingenious water feeder for your local wildlife. - 124130533460611008/?nic_v1=1apKNqDb%2BpE0fpNSPIiyLZH9X7rFKJ6KSD5IwIc%2FqwlPgeIDmh%2BwtPysD3SjEqOjs6


Plastic Bottle Bird House

While it isn't really the season for nesting at this moment, there are always birds looking for a warm place to stay during our cold winters. Who knows, you might have some unusal guests come to stay for a while if your bird house meets with their living  requirements. - 734649757953145202/?nic_v1=1a11j1CjgbNRYBNBjGLqk4itAwEngACiwQfxDMZOoFCY0kNPBtv%2F2JwWPwtuI9w7o6

All you need to make a plastic bottle bird house is a clean plastic bottle. You can use small bottles for small bird species, or use a plastic milk container for larger birds. - 112801165639424451/?nic_v1=1awl3ObL7uChp22ba7aC%2BhND2mpaIkGnicpK2nQpDV6zwqI5I7vjwN2Fuk%2FW38rh4l - 754634481295170354/?nic_v1=1afh0HHLhcLKCwafNiclTOdElbQr%2Bz9qiwKXO524MmrwH7y3iU38c8OZiYmHQWdBHi



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