Simple recycling projects

Recycle pull-tabs from empty cans and use them as picture hangers. Remove the tabs with a pair of pliers and then use a screw and washer to attach to the back of your art... simple!


Pull tab picture hangers

Wood coasters
Winter is the time for pruning and cutting back - here's a way to use large cut off branches as coasters and decorations. Use a cut-off or table saw to cut down large branches into small sections. The wood is still wet so pop into a low (60 degrees C) oven overnight to dry them out and then paint on your designs... simple!





Wood buttons
Smaller branches can be cut, dried and sanded to make buttons for crafty projects such as kitting or sewing.

Stationery holders
There are so many ways to recycle plastic bottles. Here's one that uses the bottom of a plastic bottle for storing small office stationery. Use a craft knife to remove the bottom of the bottle, spray with Rust-Oleum 2X and then add trimming around the top to finish off... simple!

Flower embellishments
You'll be amazed at how many uses there are for plastic bottles. In our Kids section we show you how to use the bottoms from plastic bottles as embellishments for a bed, but you can use these anywhere in a little girl's bedroom to add pops of colour... simple!

Hanging herb garden
Don't throw away the tops of the plastic bottles, you can still use these to make a hanging herb garden to mount on the wall in a sunny spot.

Recycled can wine rack
Way back in 2008 we made a recycled wine rack with tin cans. But there are so many other ways to recycle tin cans.


Tin can light shades
Here's a crafty way to use your Dremel Multitool and an old coffee can to cut out shapes to make a decorative light shade. The effect is quite dramatic and you can vary the design for different effects.

Kids art supply storage
We know that kids can be messy when it comes to keeping their bedroom clean. Recycle tins cans into a practical art supply storage centre and mount onto the wall for easy clean up. Use a hot glue gun to attach the tins to a piece of board - any board will do - and then use our Pull Tab Picture Hangers to mount onto the wall... simple!

Organised office
Smaller cans, or cans cut in half, are perfect for organising small office essentials in a drawer.


Art of wood
Scrap pieces of plywood are easily transformed into instant art for a home - and you don't even need to hang it on the wall. Mix some water into white latex paint for a whitewash background.

Buy or create a stencil of a favourite saying, and offset the words on each successive line. Find an image on your computer that you'd like to see on the piece, enlarge it on a photocopier to an appropriate size and print it out.

Trace the image directly onto the art itself—or onto wood veneer, balsa or paperboard that you can colour and mount onto the board. In a couple of hours, you will have created an art centrepiece you can be proud to display.