Recycled cans make a wine rack

With everyone on a quest to make their home greener I decided to look around the house to see what can be recycled into useful objects. First on the list is this wine rack that uses ordinary coffee and vegetable tins.


Before you start collecting tons of tins, make sure that your wine bottles fit. I found that the smaller cans don't work, but the new vegetable cans (with a pull top) do. Small coffee cans, large jam cans, and pop tab fruit tins can all be used for this easy project.


Dremel MultiTool and accessories
Dremel Soldering Iron and solder
Tin opener
Rust-Oleum 2X Satin Spray






1. Wash and dry the tins and use a tin opening to remove the bottom of the tin.

2. Use a pair of pliers to flatten the edges around the inside of the can.

3. Use the Dremel MultiTool and Sanding Band 430 (see right) to go around the cut edges at the top and bottom of the tin. This will dull the edges and make them safe.

4. Arrange the bottom row of tins. We used 3 tins for this project, but you can make your wine rack as large as you like. Use the Dremel Soldering Iron and solder the bottom and top edges (rims) of the tins together.

The trick is to place the tip against both edges and heat them up, apply solder to the tip of the iron and gently pull the tip away, leaving the solder behind.

5. Use the Dremel MultiTool and Sanding Band 430 to tidy up the soldered areas.

Use Rust-Oleum 2X spray to finish off in your choice of colour. Apply two coats to the inside and outside of the cans.