Turn old tyres into extraordinary seating

Put old tyres to good use as seating for a home. With a few tools, supplies and some DIY savvy you can transform disused tyres into extraordinary high-profile seating. Painted in vibrant colours, these original seats create a unique effect in an apartment or on a balcony.




Old tyre*

Fabric, foam for seat

Piece of SupaWood


Panel pin

Prominent Paints Select Sheen


Craft knife

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Jigsaw and clean-cut blade

Bosch Tacker

Bosch PFS spray system (see Bosch PFS 2000)

Tape measure and pencil

 *Old, used tyres are best for this project, as they have gassed off or released their VOC's and won't be smelly.

Buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse.




1. Make sure the tyres are clean and dry before painting them in your favourite colour. You can do so evenly and easily with the PFS 2000 paint spray system. Let each coat of paint dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use a quality paint product, such as Prominent Paints Select Sheen. If you don't own a spray system, you can also use Rust-Oleum 2X or Universal spray paint.

2. Measure the diameter of the hole in your tyre to ensure that the seat panel fits precisely in the tyre hole. This is easy to do with a panel pin and some string: Place the nail in the centre of the panel, fasten one end of the string to it at the length of the radius, tie the other end to the pencil and draw a circle.

3. Cut out the panel with a jigsaw. Place the panel on a workbench or trestle and clamp down.

4. Use the cut panel as a template for cutting the foam with a craft knife. The panel can also be used for cutting the fabric to shape, allowing an extra 10cm all the way around.

5. Centre the foam and the fabric on the panel, turn everything over, fold the edge of the fabric over and staple to the panel. Place the stapled surface in the tyre. Your comfortable seat is now finished!


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