Uses for wine crates

We have done quite a few projects using recycled pallets and it got me to thinking about... Hey, we're South African, so what about recycling wine crates! After all, we are a wine-loving country that produces the best wines in the world.

If you think about it, you can use wine crates - or any other type of crate - in various interesting ways in the home. And if you prefer a more rustic style, wine crates make an attractive storage cabinet or bookshelf that's easy to assemble. With some light sanding, wood stain and Woodoc 5 or 10 interior sealer, your wine crate storage shelves will be ready in an instant.





If you buy your wine by the case, before throwing out the case give some thought as to how you could use it in your home. Designer Rabih Hage gives new life to wine crates by transforming them into bedside tables [ above ] to create unique, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

Not only rustic furniture, wine crates can be used to create contemporary furniture pieces as well, as seen above in this design from Nicolas Maison, or what about this wine crate table with steel pipe legs - both via Etsy.

Every home needs storage and I love these recycled wine crates that have been turned into mobile storage carts on wheels. Priced at around R600 each, you can buy or you can use your DIY savvy to make your own .

No matter where you use them, wine or storage crates allow you to create your own practical storage display.

And last, but definitely not least... what better way to recycle a wine crate - or storage crate - than to use as a wine rack! This design was created by Maya*Made.