Make a designer clutch from recycled materials

Use recycled materials to make your own clutch bag for a special occasion.


This fashion project is a great way to make your own designer clutch bag for a special occasion and for very little cost. What's nice about making your own clutch bag is that you can choose the best fabric to complement your outfit. Apart from the fabric to cover the clutch, you are only going to need two Parmalat or similar milk cartons, a glue gun and a few accessories.



Splurge a little on the perfect fabric to cover your clutch bag, as well as on the accessories to finish off. With this easy method, you can quite easily make a different clutch bag for all your outfits!


1. You will need two Parmalat or similar milk cartons. Give these a good rinse and let dry before use.

2. Cut open both cartons along one edge and remove the flaps at the top and bottom.

3. Cover the back of both cartons with acrylic craft glue.

4. Cut two pieces of fabric to size, allowing extra fabric to fold over all the way around. Place one carton with the glue side face down and place over the back side of your fabric.

5. Use scissors to trim away fabric at the corners, as shown below.

6. Apply glue around the edges of the carton and fold the fabric over and press down.



GOOD TO KNOW: Place a large book or heavy item on top of the glued fabric so that it adheres properly. Leave for an hour or so.

7. Fold over one edge of the carton for the top of the clutch bag.

8. On the outside of the fabric place a bead of hot glue.

9. Glue the magnet in place for holding the clutch closed.

10. Fold over the main bag section of the clutch.

11. Apply a bead of glue along the edge of one of the sides (at the front).

12. Press down a triangular piece of fabric to make the side of the clutch bag.

13. Apply hot glue to the back edge and fold the piece of fabric around to the back to complete the side section.

14. Repeat this to add the side section for the other side of the clutch.

15. Place the second piece of covered carton with the fabric face down.

16. Apply hot glue to the sides, top and bottom.

17. Take the section of clutch that you have already almost completed and place this on top.

18. Place a blob of hot glue to secure the second magnet in place. Make sure to test and line this up with the magnet already secured on the top of the clutch.

19. Finish off by adding a blob of hot glue for securing the decorative button in place on the front.



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