Quick Project: DIY Industrial Style Shelf

Use reclaimed pallets or scaffolding planks to make a stylish industrial shelf.






Add industrial style to your home with this storage shelf made from reclaimed pallet wood or scaffolding planks.




Pallets or scaffolding planks

45/50mm screws

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic spray paint, dark steel, satin nickel or silver

Galvanised pipe and fittings  




Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Countersink bit

Saw - handsaw, jigsaw or table saw

Orbital sander plus 120-grit sanding pads


Tape measure and pencil

Buy everything you need for this project at Builders Warehouse.









Find tips here for working with timber pallets. Remove any screws, nails or pins before cutting. If there are any metal straps that you want to re-attach for even more industrial style, carefully remove these and put them aside.



Cut the boards to your desired length and also cut board for the shelf uprights and sides. Sand any rough edges with 120-grit sanding pads.





1. To assemble the shelves, measure and mark for the location of the shelf uprights. Secure the uprights in place by drilling countersunk pilot holes through the top and bottom and into the sides / uprights. Secure with 45/50mm screws.



2. Once the shelves are assembled, apply your choice of paint.



3. Re-attach any metal straps using nails.



4. Assemble the galvanised pipe and fittings and secure below the shelf unit.








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