Roses from aluminum cans

Turn aluminium cans into beautiful everlasting roses. This is a fun and creative way to recycle aluminium cans into something different.



Aluminium cans, some with copper-coloured lining

Piece of thick copper or brass wire

Steel washer

120-grit sandpaper

Alcolin steel weld epoxy putty



Needle nose pliers

Nail punch

Tin snips or heavy-duty scissors





Using aluminium cans in different colours adds contrast to the finished roses. Remove the top and bottom of the can with a tin opener and then use tin snips to open the can and lay flat.

Aluminium cans that have a reinforced lip will need to be cut with a Dremel Multitool and cutting disk or angle grinder.

Use the end of a hammer to flatten the cans and smooth out any ridges. Once you have nice flat pieces to work with you can start cutting out the shapes with tin snips. Cut 5 petals in different sizes with one petal for the centre of the flower.


Pop on some thick gloves and sand the edges of all the pieces to make them easier to work with.

Use a nail punch to make a hole in the centre of each petal section.

Push the thick wire through the petals and fold over the top to hold everything in place. The petals should be staggered so that the small one is on top and the big one is on the bottom.

Slide a small washer at the base of the petals and apply Alcolin steel weld epoxy putty to secure.

After an hour you can start shaping the rose petals. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to bend the petals into realistic shapes - start from the centre and work towards the edge. The petals should also slightly overlap each other.

Don't give up after the first attempt if your roses doesn't turn out exactly like the one shown here.


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