Timber pallets become patio furniture

One crafty Home-Dzine reader transforms timber pallets into attractive patio furniture. Samantha Klein was lucky enough to stumble upon plenty of timber pallets for her repurposed patio furniture.


With starting your own home for the first time, the challenge arises when you can’t afford to buy everything in one go. So I often find myself making my own essentials around the house. This summer I would love a little spot where my boyfriend and I will be able to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather. I found myself starting the journey... in a warehouse!

Did you know you could practically make anything out of pallets? I decided this would defiantly be the perfect structure for my couches! Luckily the warehouse gave them to me, free of charge! Loaded up, I took as many as I could fit (would hate to be short!)



We used old chipboard that we had lying around. We also cut up the old foam mattress that was on our bed (that needs replacing) to use for the seats.

I threw a few pillows on from our lounge and used tree stumps that I collected off the side of the road. Presto.. we have a beautiful little spot for outside that hardly cost us anything! Thanks Samantha. Amazing what you can make for practically zero cost. I would suggest that you apply three coats of Woodoc 30 to the timber. It will not only bring out the beauty of the grain, it will also extend the life of your new patio furniture. This is one project definitely being entered into our Craft Challenge.