Vintage-Inspired Charcuterie or Cutting Board

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for family or friends, this beautiful, vintage-inspired charcuterie or cutting board can be made from reclaimed wood, hardwood offcuts, or pine from your local Builders.

Why You Should Purchase Wood Without Knots

When selecting wood for any project, particularly pine and other woods known to have knots, it is important to select pieces that have no visible knots.

Easy Ways to Age Wood and Make It Look Old

Many DIY enthusiasts use SA Pine for their projects because it is affordable and it does lend itself to quite a few different methods if you want it to look aged or old.

Make Furniture on the Cheap with OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

OSB is a board that is manufactured by layering and pressure-treating wood chips to make a strong and affordable board product that has wide applications.

What is Pressure-Treated Timber and When Should I Use It?

Pressure-treated timber is used primarily for outdoor applications but there are other uses where this timber offers effective solutions.

Stop Damage to Window Frames Caused by Ants

Ants can be destructive little buggers and preventing damage to window frames and door frames caused by ants is something you need to take action on immediately.

Wood Joinery Techniques For Your Home Renovation Project

A selection of wood joinery techniques to choose from for your home renovation project.

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Bamboo Boards offer Durability and Longevity

A bathroom vanity, cabinet and toilet roll holder still look in excellent condition 8 years later and showcases the durability and longevity of bamboo.

Maintaining Wood Furniture Should be Easy and Affordable

Having looked at easier and affordable way to maintain and care for outdoor wood and wood furniture, I am putting this to the test on all my outdoor wooden furniture to see how it works.

Maintaining Wood Furniture Should be Easy and Affordable

With prices of everything rising daily, there are ways to cut back on expenses by reverting to trusted methods, like this one for using Teak oil to protect your indoor and outdoor furniture.

How to Restore Dry or Brittle Wood Furniture

Knowing how to restore wood furniture that has gone dry, and brittle lets you bring this furniture back to life and enjoy it for a lifespan.

Make A Japanese Stool With Hand Tools

There is a simplicity in using hand tools rather than power tools and this Japanese stool lets you create a wonderfully unique piece for your home.

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Is it OK to Use Pine Outdoors?

I use a variety of woods for outdoor projects but often get asked if it is OK to use pine or laminated pine for outdoor use.

Recycle a Tree Stump into Stylish Side Table

It's so easy to recycle a tree stump into a stylish side table for a rustic yet sophisticated piece for your living room.

The Difference Between Softwood And Hardwood

We have all come to know pine as a softwood, but what's the difference between softwood and hardwood and does it really matter?

Use Pallet Wood to Make a Holder for your Power Tool Cases

This handy storage tower is great for holding all your power tool cases and boxes, plus you can make it using reclaimed pallet wood.

There's nothing quite as Satisfying as DIY

If there is one thing that the lockdown has made us realise it's that being able to do stuff yourself has its advantages, so why not think about getting stuck in DIY with one of these scrap wood projects?

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Food Safe Finishes for your DIY Projects

When designing wood projects that will come into contact with food, it is essential to use a food-safe finish.


How to Age Wood for your Furniture Projects

There are some projects you would like to make that require the wood to be aged or distressed, and we offer some advice on giving wood, particularly pine, an aged look.


When Working with Pine...

I received a call yesterday from a fellow woodworking enthusiast who pointed out a few interesting things about pine, and which I also want to share.


Quick Tip: Repair damaged wood

Featured in Home / Tuis magazines, here's how to repair damaged wood with Alcolin QuikWood epoxy putty.


Shou Sugi Ban on pine

I recently posted on the Japanese method of burning wood using the Shou Sugi Ban technique, and in this project you can make a Shou Sugi Ban platter. 

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What finish to apply to wood

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to finishing wood, so we look at the different options for the home DIY enthusiast.


Shou Sugi Ban technique

Shou Sugi Ban is the Japanese method of preserving wood by charring the surface to create a waterproof finish through carbonisation.


Which Plywood?

As we look for sustainable options for making furniture and accessories, plywood offers an alternative - but which plywood do you buy?


Simple wood carving

If you're wanting to add detail to architraves or plinths, wood carving allows you to create your own unique designs.


Polyurethane Sealer with Matt Finish

There are times when you want your DIY wood projects to have a natural matt finish. Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane is a water-based sealer that won't yellow, is a natural matt, and protects wood projects.

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Powafix Timber Treatment

In this article we offer advice on how to treat and care for a log cabin or Wendy house using Powafix Timber Treatments.

Pine Plant Stand with Curved Top

I am working on a design to make my own wooden bar stools with curved seats. As a tester project, I made a plant stand to work out the design kinks and get everything perfect for the stools.

Woodoc Water-Borne for Floors

This informative video shows how to apply Woodoc Water-Borne Floor to new wood.

Pallet Wood Dog Bed

If you've got some pallet wood - make this easy dog bed with galvanised pipe fittings.

Reclaimed Wood Table

If you love taking something old and turning it into a beautiful, practical piece of furniture, then this reclaimed wood dining table is a project you will enjoy.

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Toy Box made from Pallet Wood

Using pallet wood is a great way to practice your skills without spending a fortune on timber. Ask around, or browse the Internet, for local suppliers of pallets.

Buying the most suitable timber

Buying timber shouldn’t be the most challenging part of your project. However, if you aren't familiar with how timber is sized, the purchasing process can be anything but easy, and when buying exotic timber - the size you see isn't what you get.

Make Tree Stump Stools and Tables

Everywhere you look, tree stumps are being turned into furniture. Here's how to use a woodturning lathe to turn tree stumps into stools or side tables, occasional tables, or even bedside tables.

Touch Up Wood Furniture

Retouch Crayons and TouchUp Pens are great for touching up wood furniture. You can hide small scratches and disguise fading areas instantly.

Time for Woodoc

When your outdoor furniture is starting to lose it's shine and the rainy season has taken a hiatus, it's time to grab a can of Woodoc and protect and nourish outdoor furniture.

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Quick Tip: Restore wood after painting

Painted wood furniture has become a trend over the past few years. But what if you don't like painted furniture and want to restore it to its original condition?

Masonite becomes Evowood

Masonite has been rebranded as Evowood, and whether you use Evosure Original, Evosure Fincote, or Evosure Chalkboard - remember to ask for Evowood.

Storing timber

As a living, breathing organism - even after being cut - timber has to be maintained for its lifetime, especially in our harsh South African climate. Here are a few points to note when caring for timber.


Wood gift boxes

Wooden gift boxes are prefect for presenting small gifts, plus you can make use of valuable offcuts, or buy small pieces of exotic timber, to practice your skills and make your own wooden gift boxes.


Woodoc website has all the answers

Woodoc has a brand new look for its website... and solves all your queries at a glance.

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DIY crate room divider

We show you how to make a simple room divider using wooden crates, and that can be completed in three easy steps in about five hours.


Reclaimed wood pallet Christmas trees

Reclaimed wood pallets provide an inexpensive DIY option for festive decor. Make wood pallet Christmas trees or Christmas card displays.


Steel frame table with wood top

After showing different techniques to finish off my steel frame table, I have now finished the table with Woodoc gel stain and sealer and used Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint on the base.


Lamp made using string and wood

This wood and string lamp is fun to make, and you can arrange the string into so many different variations for a lamp that is truly unique.


Creative ideas for offcuts

When cutting timber or board to size, you usually end up with assorted offcuts. We put together a collection of creative ways to use offcuts for quick and easy DIY projects for a home.

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Vintage cutting board

This beautiful, vintage cutting board can be made from reclaimed wood, hardwood offcuts, or pine from your local Builders.


It's easy to upcycle furniture

It is becoming increasingly easy to refinish furniture, no matter how banged up and scratched it is. Pieces that look almost beyond repair can be given a new lease on life using a variety of products that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse.


Fine tune your dovetailing skills

Dovetail joints are rarely used these days, except by master craftsmen and those that still love traditional joinery, but here's an easy project to practice dovetail joints.

Working with wood pallets

When working with reclaimed timber pallets you have to not only inspect and select the right pallets, you have to exercise caution when breaking these down. Here are some tips to keep you safe and make the job easier.


One piece of pine offcut for 3 different projects

Timber is a valuable resource and I am always loathe to throw away offcuts, even small pieces. I would rather try to find a project where I can use these, and this is one way to show how you can use a single offcut for 3 different projects.

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Using wood veneers to update furniture

As we become increasingly aware of our dwindling resources, now, more than ever our forests are a precious resource. Wood furniture should be cherished, and we can look at quality wood veneers as an alternative to solid wood furniture.


Clean and nourish outdoor furniture

Even though you apply sealer to your outdoor furniture, it still needs cleaning on a regular basis. Using Woodoc Penetrating Wax cleans and protects at the same time.

Handcrafted bicycles, skateboards and sunglasses

This is the story of five friends with a common goal... To bring woodworking into the 21st century with their modern creations.

Pine... the sustainable option for your DIY furniture projects

For the average DIY enthusiast that likes to make his or her own furniture, pine offers an affordable option. Here in South Africa pine is a sustainable timber that is readily available at your local Builders.

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Protect outdoor wood from the elements

Whether you live in Cape Town or Polokwane, wood outdoor furniture, exterior timber trim and fittings, need to be protected from constant exposure to rain and sun. Here's a look at the various options for finishing exterior wood.

Naturally modern wood homes

Wood is beautiful and warm and nature's building material that can be used indoors and outdoors. Sustainably sourced hardwoods can be expensive, but last generations when maintained properly.

The nature of wood

Wood is an organic material and a great deal of its appeal comes from the endless varieties of colour, texture and grain. But because wood is composed of variously shaped and arranged cell structures, it can be a challenging material to work with.

Find out more about French Polishing

I often receive enquiries concerning French Polishing and how you can achieve a high gloss finish on furniture. Here's some detailed information on French Polishing.

Practical and pretty storage drawers

This practical storage shelf is made using a variety of materials, the majority of which can be leftover offcuts and pieces of pine and some reclaimed wood slats from a wood crate.

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Garden table with channel for condiments or herbs

Making your own garden furniture can be expensive, but this pine garden table has an aluminium channel that sits in the centre and can be used to hold condiments or filled with planted herbs.

Cable spool outdoor furniture

I love the idea of using a plywood or pine cable spool and turning this into furniture for a deck, garden or patio. At a cost of around R350, it's an affordable and fun way to make your own outdoor furniture.

Garden love seat

This slatted garden bench makes the perfect love seat for a garden. It's very easy to make and finished with Woodoc 25W water-borne sealer.

Prominent Woodpro seals with a kiss

The natural beauty of wood can enhance the interior of your home or outdoor area and even increase the value of your property. Choosing a wood care solution from Prominent Paints’ Woodpro range is the first step to protecting your investment – indoors or out.

Beautiful band saw jewellery or trinket boxes

I wanted to post this article to show how Alex Harris, a young woodworker, has gone on to show younger woodworkers that not all woodworking is for the older generation.

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Shades from skateboards

Dave de Witt has a passion for wood and creating unique objects, namely skateboard [sk8] shades.

Hand crafted hollow wood surfboards

I am fascinated by the various ways of working with wood and recently discovered the Triton blog where they showcase individuals they consider 'Masters of Wood'.

Make a tree stump table

Tree stump tables are still making appearances in many homes as coffee table and side tables. There's a good reason for this... they are free!

Patio lounger using birch logs

If you know of anyone having their birch trees trimmed, or know of a tree-felling company in your area, using birch logs to make this modern lounger is a fun way to add a unique piece of furniture to your indoor or outdoor spaces.

Old garden shed becomes children's playhouse

Having just demolished my old garden shed to make way for a veggie garden, this project that turns an old shed or garden hut into a children's playhouse struck me as a wonderful way to re-purpose a hut or shed rather than throw away.

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Reclaimed wood fireplace surround

There are more than a few dated and old fashioned fireplaces that could do with covering up, and why not make use of reclaimed wood.

Scaffolding plank display table or console

Scaffolding planks, new or used, are great for using to make various furniture projects. This display or console table is made using new pine scaffolding planks and galvanised pipe. You can buy everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse

Reclaimed wood wine rack for two!

This wine rack for two is perfect for those that only drink the occasional bottle of wine. It's also a great project to make if you are looking for gift ideas. Made using reclaimed wood, the wine rack accommodates one bottle of wine and two glasses, and takes up very little space.

Reclaimed pallet bird feeder

Winter is almost upon us and I thought this might be a nice time to put some reclaimed wood pallets to good use. Making a bird feeder using reclaimed wood pallets seems like a good idea and I will be able to feed our local wildlife at the same time!

Restore antique or vintage chest of drawers

Auctions are a great way to discover antique or vintage pieces locked in storage for years, or left behind as part of an estate. When they have value, these pieces are worth restoring to their original beauty, especially when made of hardwoods.

Reclaimed and recycled wood linen drawers

Made using offcuts from pine shelves, reclaimed shipping crates, pine offcuts and a few pieces of PAR pine from your local Builders Warehouse, you can easily knock up this tall chest of drawers or set of linen drawers for a home.

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How to... strips excess wax from furniture

 In this project we explain the best way to remove excess wax from vintage furniture before you restore or paint.

How to bend supawood for curves and corners

\When making your own furniture, not being able to bend supawood or MDF limits the scope of what you can and cannot do, so having an understanding of how to cut kerfs for bending the board is one that I definitely had to share...

Repair damaged veneer edges

If there is a common problem when buying secondhand furniture, it's having to repair veneer. Quite a few older pieces of furniture were manufactured using cheaper woods, and veneer was used to disguise these woods.

Fast fixed for wood furniture

Finding beautiful wood for the construction of new furniture is becoming impossible as we deplete resources, so it is important to restore and repair wood furniture whenever possible.

Garden table from reclaimed timber pallets

Using reclaimed timber for projects is probably the hottest recycling project on the planet, and there seems to be no end to the ideas popping up for projects that use reclaimed timber.

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Make new pine like reclaimed timber or old wood

I discovered a way to make ordinary laminated pine shelving look like the reclaimed timber furniture you find in many home decor stores. The trick is to use Woodoc Gel Stain and some common household products to age new timber and make it look authentic.

How to make your own liming wax

Finding liming wax is not easy.  Anyway, I came up with the idea to mix paint and antique wax together to see what would happen!

Secondhand dresser revamp

Buying secondhand furniture is a great way to find those old pieces that you can work magic with. A little sanding and touch up here and there, a coat of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint, and you have a beautifully revamped piece of furniture for your home.

Removing veneer and painting up

Although the veneer top has to be replaced, the dovetail joints on the drawers are a sign of craftsmanship and something you don't see often these days.

Restore wood finish the proper way

Browse the Internet and you will find plenty of hints and tips for bloggers who have transformed wood furniture using nothing more than Canola oil and vinegar.

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Repair and restore wood furniture

Being able to repair and restore wood furniture means that you can not only extend the life of the beautiful pieces you already own, but you can also look at the option of buying piece of wood furniture that need TLC.

Reclaimed timber kitchen island

There are plenty of projects where you can use reclaimed timber in useful ways, and there are many sources of reclaimed timber. In this project you can make a kitchen island or convenient table for the kitchen.

Refinish or restore damaged furniture

More often than not the secondhand furniture you come across will need a bit of work. Over the years, furniture gets scratched, has water rings, layers of polish or other minor defects that can easily be put right if you are prepared to put in the time and effort.

Reclaimed timber for contemporary design

Reclaimed timber and wood has become one of the most easily recycled and eco friendly materials on the planet. Reclaimed timber can be repurposed into fencing and furniture, and timber pallets provide the perfect opportunity for even those unskilled at DIY to give it a try.

Take care when using hard pine

I'm not going to complain about the quality PAR pine you find in the stores at the moment, because finding such hard pine is normally not an easy task. However, having used this pine at some of our DIY Divas workshops there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

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Reclaimed railways sleepers for a coffee table

I was lucky enough to uncover a whole pile of Rhodesian Teak railways sleepers that someone had been using for garden steps and was throwing away. Having now seen this project I so wish I had put them aside to make this coffee table.

Furniture ideas using reclaimed timber or wood

It's not only timber pallets that come in handy as a source of reclaimed timber. You can also find packing crates, wine crates, old flooring, timber fencing and other sources of reclaimed timber that are an excellent source of wood for DIY projects.

Uses for pruned branches

I love these coat racks or hangers with wood slices. They look rustic and contemporary at the same time. Unfortunately I used up all my supply of branches for other projects, so will have to wait for winter before I can chop off some more.

Hardwoods and exotic woods in SA

While it's affordable to use pine and SupaWood for a variety of projects, there comes a time when you need a hardwood or exotic wood to craft a piece that will become a vintage or heritage piece. A project that requires a special wood for a special task.

Use liming wax for interior and exterior wood

Wooden doors, floors and furniture can be transformed by the simple chalky tones of liming wax. Liming has long been used as a traditional finish on exposed timbers, floorboards and furniture.

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Techniques for finishing wood

There are so many finishing techniques that you can use for wood, whether you are starting a project with new wood, or giving old wood furniture a revamp. Techniques for finishing wood can range from a high-gloss painted finish to a finish that is more rustic or natural.

Restore vintage furniture

Over the years, an old piece picks up many layers of wax polish. Even regular furniture polish leaves deposits on the surface. As wax polish ages it becomes opaque... dulling the surface and hiding the true beauty of the wood grain or veneer.

Add curb appeal and architectural interest

Exterior home improvements can be costly and time consuming, but here's how to transform a front porch from blah to blow-me-away with a simple DIY slat screen that offers shade and architectural interest.

Stain and seal garden table with Woodoc

Having been inspired by the guys at Far Out Flora, who used reclaimed timber for their garden table, I wanted a more formal design for the garden, not to mention that I seem to have run out of reclaimed timber for the time being!

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How to finish wood trim

It's so easy to give woodwork and trim a smooth, satiny finish every time with this simple three-day process. And you don't need expensive tools, special knowledge or skills to get a flawless finish - just sand, stain, seal and finish.

Is there a way to sand faster?

Sanding can be laborious and time consuming. Whilst it's an essential part of the process there's no denying that sanding is boring!

What are the different ways to join wood

When making your own furniture, or designing projects for a home, there are several ways to joint timber and board products. Knowing and understanding the various joints that can be used will help you design and assemble lasting projects.

Stain and seal raw pine furniture

How to give new, inexpensive pine furniture an antique finish for a fraction of the cost than store pre-sealed - if you do-it-yourself.

Furniture makeovers for love and money

A South African living overseas has established a business where she can continue with her love for furniture and start a small business.

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Antique chair repaired

Reader, Wendy Craig, tackles an intricately detailed chair and shows us the before and after.

Quick fixes for wood touch ups

No matter how carefully you look after your furniture, there will come a time when you need to fix up scratches, stains, burns or wear. Here’s what you can do about it:

Recycle old pallets

If you ever come across the opportunity to pick up a few pallets take a look at some of the ideas I have come across for recycling old pallets into furniture and other practical and decorative pieces.

Protect exterior timber

Any timber surface exposed to the elements will age with time. Timber becomes dull and, if not carefully maintained, moisture penetrates and damages the wood.

Keep your front door looking good

Strip off that old varnish and give your doors some Woodoc loving for the care and attention they deserve.

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Extra protection for wood

Sometimes wood surfaces need a little bit of extra protection. Protect coffee tables, sideboards and dining tables from everyday wear with a touch of Woodoc.

Woodoc gel stain

Get a high-end look for less with an easy-to-do gel stain process for wooden furniture. With 6 colours and 6 wood tints to choose from, gel stains allow you to be far more creative without the mess.

Restore antiques

While restoring a genuine antique is usually a job for a professional, it is possible to tackle wear and tear on everyday items yourself. You only need a few materials and supplies to do a project that will restore your furniture to good condition.

Repair scratched wood

The minor nicks, scuffs and hairline scratches that come with everyday wear and tear is one thing. But a water ring, an alcohol stain or a deep unsightly scratch can be relatively easy to repair without resorting to removing the finish.

Makeover a front door

Strip off that old varnish and give your doors some Woodoc loving for the care and attention they deserve.

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Restore dining table

I love the rustic, farmhouse feel of this table. The more wear and tear it receives the better it will look. What I love even more is that it reminds me of something I might see in an expensive furniture store and I probably paid a fraction of the price!

Easy coffee table

This coffee table is so easy to make you can knock it together in an hour if you already have the timber cut to size. There are no measure-ments - you can make the table as small, or as large, as required.

Revamp secondhand

Although some cringe at the thought of painting wood, not everyone's taste is the same. I like both wood and painted pieces - especially distressed furniture - as I think it transforms an old and dated piece into something beautiful and functional once again.

Refinish a door

If you have an older home that still has solid hardwood doors, you may prefer to bring the doors back to life rather than replace.

Touch up wood

Does your wood furniture need some TLC, or perhaps you want to restore an antique piece. Here are some wood repair tricks you can easily tackle as a do-it-yourself project.

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Makeover pine bookcase

This project shows you how to take a plain, raw pine bookcase and - using paint techniques and a bit of DIY savvy - transform it into a piece of furniture you'll be proud to have on display in a home.

Hardwood or softwood

Do you know the difference between hardwood and softwood? Or why it is essential to let wood settle in before you use it?

Veneer or laminate

Many DIY enthusiasts often confuse the terms laminate and veneer. Veneers consists of thin section of various wood types, whereas laminate is the application of papers or plastics to the surface of board products or cheaper woods.

Restore chest of drawers

White rings, stains, chips, dents and scratches. All of these can occur over time as a result of everyday wear and tear and accidents.

Restore with Woodoc gel stain

Now you can have some fun with wood and Woodoc Gel Stain. Available in six bright colours and six traditional wood tints, Woodoc Gel Stain is so easy to use, and there are so many ways to use it

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Repair rotten wood

When old timber becomes worn or rots away, reach for Alcolin QuikWood. This epoxy is made up of two components that harden when mixed together.

Hang a new door

With two grown-up teenagers I know how easy it can be to damage a door, especially if you have boisterous boys in the house. Patching up the door isn't a good idea and it is fairly easy to replace.

Common joints

If you're new to DIY then chances are you're pretty confused by all the terminology out there. Here's a quick breakdown on the various jointing methods.

Penetrating oil and wax

To maintain, restore and bring out the natural beauty of wood grain, a penetrating oil or antique wax is preferable to any other type of finish as part of a maintenance program for wood.

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Care for butchers block

Butcher blocks should be finished regularly with a mineral oil and a beeswax coating to maintain their beauty and keep the wood from warping and cracking.

How to use dowel centres

If you don't own a dowelling jig, dowel centres are used to match up drilled holes to accept dowels for joining wood together.

Woodoc gel stains

Get a high-end look for less with an easy-to-do gel stain process for wooden furniture. With 6 colours and 6 wood tints to choose from, gel stains allow you to be far more creative without the mess.

Paint interior doors

It's not necessary to remove a door in order to paint it, although the advantage of laying it flat is obvious - no chance of paint runs. But the job is bound to take much longer since you will have to wait for the door to dry completely before painting the other side!

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