Quick Tip: Touch Up Wood Furniture

Retouch Crayons and TouchUp Pens are great for touching up wood furniture. You can hide small scratches and disguise fading areas instantly.


Liberon Retouch Crayons are used for filling and masking superficial scratches in wood and furniture, including nail holes and worm holes. To apply, simply rub the crayon across the scratch until it is filled, then allow to harden before buffing off any excess with a cotton cloth. You can blend together Retouch Crayons to create different shades.

Liberon TouchUp Pens can be used to disguise superficial scratches and small blemishes on finished wood surfaces. TouchUp Pens are available in a variety of wood type tints. The TouchUp Pens feature a sculptured tip that works at all angles. The pens contain a spirit dye that provides a quick drying, water and wipe-resistant colour for finished surfaces, and helps rejuvenate faded colour on small areas of wood.

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