Beautiful band saw jewellery or trinket boxes

I wanted to post this article to show how Alex Harris, a young woodworker, has gone on to show younger woodworkers that not all woodworking is for the older generation.



Alex Harris has created a website dedicated to sharing woodworking an woodturning information and projects - for young and old alike. Alex Harris has been woodworking for around 7 years and established The TeenWoodworker on YouTube. At the time it was nothing more than sharing a hobby and proving that you did not have to be  'older' to get involved in woodworking.

Five years on, Alex has now established ThisWoodwork on YouTube, where he offers advice and projects for a younger audience but on topics that also appeal to woodworkers of all ages, especially those starting out in woodworking.

In the project shown here Alex shows how easy it can be to turn a block of wood into a beautiful creative piece, and he makes it look so easy. In collaboration with Triton Tools, take a look at this project on YouTube to see how easy and simple this project can be if you have a few power tools and a bit of woodworking savvy.

Alex offers two variations of the drawers, one with a curved top and the other with a flat top. Click on the links to open the PDF templates. The designs shown above and below were submitted by a reader from the original plans.

Once you have printed out the template and attached this to your block of wood, follow the instructions detailed in the video to create your own band saw jewellery boxes.

In addition to a band saw, other tools required include a  spindle sander, assorted wood files, sandpaper, wood glue and a couple of quick clamps.