Treat your outdoor furniture to regular cleaning and care

Even though you apply sealer to your outdoor furniture, it still needs cleaning on a regular basis. Using Woodoc Penetrating Wax cleans and protects at the same time.


Woodoc Penetrating Weatherproof Wax is a nourishing liquid wax that contains UV-inhibitors. This product is specifically formulated for maintaining sealed exterior woodwork. Woodoc Penetrating Weatherproof Wax penetrates the existing sealer or coating to feed the wood. The wax content helps exclude moisture, whilst the UV-absorber replenishes the sealer’s UV-resistance.

Woodoc Patio is a liquid maintenance wax that helps protect while it cleans and rejuvenates wood. This deep penetrating wax and oil blend is ideal for cleaning and maintenance of previously oiled, sealed or varnished exterior wooden furniture or woodwork.

Use a rag to apply the liquid wax to outdoor furniture. Apply liberally over the surface, paying particular attention to joins and ends. The surface should remain wet for at least 5 minutes.

When cleaning furniture, place penetrating wax on a cloth to wipe away dust build up before re-applying as a protective finish to outdoor furniture.