One piece of pine offcut for 3 different projects

Timber is a valuable resource and I am always loathe to throw away offcuts, even small pieces. I would rather try to find a project where I can use these, and this is one way to show how you can use a single offcut for 3 different projects.


These projects may not be something you haven't seen before, but the purpose of this article is mainly to inspire you to throw less away and use offcuts and leftovers for other projects.  

Candle holders are decorative and practical and you can make them in a variety of shapes and sizes for different types of candles. Paint then, stain them or finish them to suit your style and decor. For this project we use Rust-Oleum Metallics in copper for a trendy trio of candle holders.

The same blocks can also be used as pen and pencil holders to keep your work space clutter-free. You will see below that it is easy enough to drill out the centre to make a handy holder. 

And our last option is to use these same blocks as plant holders. After coating the tops with several layers of spray paint that provides basic protection, pop in some succulents or air plants. These require little water now and then and you can pop them in the garden when they get too big, and plant up some more cuttings. 

For the three project ideas shown above I used a 67 x 67mm pine offcut cut into three different lengths. This will give a staggered arrangement, and 3 of everything just looks better. 

To drill the holes in the centre I used a MAD bit, or you can use a spade bit. For tealight candle holders you will need a 38mm bit size. DO clamp the blocks firmly to a workbench before drilling, and make sure that the hole is centred. On one end I drill the full depth of the bit, and on the opposite end just deep enough for a tealight candle.

After drilling out you can sand using a Dremel MultiTool and sanding ring, or sand by hand.  

Masking tape was used to mask off the areas not being painted. To ensure there was no paint bleed I lightly scored along the edge of the tape with a craft knife. 

The blocks were spray with two coats of Rust-Oleum Metallics in shiny copper. I love that copper is trending at the moment. 

On the unpainted sections I applied Woodoc antique wax. This just offers a level of protection for the wood. 

And there you have it... 3 ways to re-purpose one piece of pine.