Fast Fixes for Wood Furniture

Using exotic hardwood for the construction of new furniture is becoming impossible as we deplete resources, so it is important to restore and repair wood furniture wherever possible.






Wood furniture, especially when constructed of hardwoods or exotic woods, should be treasured for its value. Finding beautiful wood for the construction of new furniture is becoming impossible as we deplete resources, so it is important to restore and repair wood furniture whenever possible, says Get Multifamily property management company in Tempe.


Chipped corners

Damage happens, but luckily there are now products that can easily solve these fix-ups. If you have dents or pieces chipped off, you can use wood putty.  


Alcolin QuikWood is a quick and easy way to repair wood and the product can be moulded like clay to repair, rebuild, or restore anything made of wood. Once you have the filler smoothed out and shaped to fit the piece, leave for about an hour before sanding, then stain it or paint it to match the rest of the piece.





Add colour to wood putty by adding a small amount of oil paint to the mix. Combine colours until you achieve an exact tint to match the existing piece.



Click here for tips on fixing up areas of wood that are chipped, dented or have broken away.




Dented furniture legs

You can use Alcolin QuikWood to repair dents in wooden legs for tables and chairs. Use to reshape wood carvings and wood parts such as handles, knobs, and picture frames, or to replace dry rot, insect damage and worn wood.



Wobbly legs

Even modern furniture needs attention from time to time. Table legs fastened with screw brackets can become loose and legs wobbly. It's easy to tighten a loose nut and bolt by adding a drop or two of Loctite Threadlocker before re-tightening nuts. This will ensure that fastenings stay tight for longer.



Split wood

Where the wood has split, wedge open with a scrap of wood or large screwdriver to be able to apply wood glue to split sections using a small brush. Clamp the joint using padded clamps and be sure to remove excess glue, first with a damp cloth.



Replace damaged veneer

Veneer is a thin (approx 3mm) layer of pressed wood species that is normally applied over a cheaper wood. Damaged veneer can be replaced and you will find a selection of veneers at most timber merchants. Where veneer has buckled and split you should be able to pry it off with a chisel. Before you put down new veneer, make any necessary repairs and sand smooth.


Apply a generous layer of wood glue to the substrate and apply a heavy weight over the surface to ensure the veneer stays flat while the glue dries.





Chewed furniture

A common problem for homeowners with new puppies... chewed furniture. Sand the chewed area to smooth before applying wood filler for small defects, or Alcolin QuikWood (big defects or missing chunks - depending upon how hungry the puppy was!) Let the filler dry completely before sanding smooth with 240-grit sandpaper.



Don't apply the wood filler too thickly as you will only spend more time sanding smooth.

Choose the tint of wood filler that most closely resembles the finished colour of the wood.





Touch ups

Gel stain is great for covering up scratches in wood furniture. The product comes in a variety of wood tints and can be applied with a cotton bud or small cloth. On a varnished piece, use clear nail polish to cover up the damaged area. Sand with 400- or 1200-grit sandpaper to match the existing sheen.


If you prefer to go the DIY route for covering up scratches, try 1/4 cup of canola oil mixed with 3/4 cup of white vinegar. I haven't tried this but there are many who say this is the best way to cover of small scratches. Another alternative is to use shoe polish. See what works best for you.





Buff up the shine

If the varnish finish is scuffed but you don't want to strip down the entire piece, apply antique wax to restore the shine. Apply only a thin layer to the surface and use a soft cloth to wipe it around as evenly as possible.  Wait 30 minutes for the product to dry and then buff it up for a nice sheen.

Don't let scratches ruin the look of your wood furniture. There are many ways to repair and restore without refinishing the piece. Try some of our tips for repairing, concealing, and polishing your wood pieces to ensure that your wood furniture will provide lasting beauty for years to come.