Toy Box made from Pallet Wood

Using pallet wood is a great way to practice your skills without spending a fortune on timber. Ask around, or browse the Internet, for local suppliers of pallets.



This wooden toy box is pretty straightforward and you can make the toy box any size you want, depending on how much pallet wood you are able to get your hands on.



If your pallet wood is not aged in different shades, you can use Woodoc Gel Stain on the individual planks to create the patchwork effect as shown here for the toy box. Use Woodoc 5, 10 or 20 Interior Sealer to finish off the completed toy box.



Pallet wood cut to:

- 4 of 40 x 70 x 380mm - corner supports

- 10 of 20 x 70 x 800mm - front / back slats

- 10 of 20 x 70 x 380mm - side slats

- 10 of 20 x 70 x 820mm - top slats

Scrap piece of plywood - cut to size for the base.

*If you have never worked with pallets before, click here for tips on working with pallets

Rope - for handles

2 butt or gate hinges and screws

4 x 45mm / 3.5 x 30mm screws

Wood glue

Wire nails, 60mm



Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Jigsaw, mitre saw or table saw

Orbital and/or Belt Sander plus assorted sanding pads or sanding sheets

Tape measure and pencil




1. To assemble: Start with the sides. Simply lay out the 380mm slats onto both corner supports. Secure with wood glue and nails.

GOOD TO KNOW: Select the best pieces to face outwards on the sides and front of the toy box.

2. Attach the front and back slats in the same way, also securing at the ends into the sides with glue and nails.



3. Cut the plywood base to fit and insert. Add a few smaller nails around the base to secure.

4. Make the top from six boards, secured together with two cross supports on the top and two underneath. The cross supports are secured with wood glue and nails.

5. Drill holes and thread through twine or rope as decorative handles and to go with the handmade rustic style.


Take the time to sand everything nice and smooth and prevent splinters. Apply Woodoc 5, 10 or 20 Interior Sealer to all surfaces.

The crowning addition is a beautiful decorative heart made by gluing up some offcuts, trimming with a jigsaw and attached with nails.