Steel frame table with wood top

After showing different techniques to finish off my steel frame table, I have now finished the table with Woodoc gel stain and sealer and used Rust-Oleum Metallic spray paint on the base.


For the original project, I made the steel frame table using Connect-it connectors and powder coated square tube and finished this off with Rust-Oleum Chalked ultra matte spray paint Click here for instructions on how to make the steel frame for the table.

The idea was to give you different options for finishing your own steel frame table, and I have now completed the table to match the decor in my TV room. 

For a more traditional look I sprayed the base with Rust-Oleum Metallic in warm gold. I love this new colour - it adds a wonderful metallic texture that is not as yellow as the other metallic gold hues. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse, or get in touch with to find your nearest retail outlet. 

For the wood top I wanted to create a worn wood look, and after hammering with a piece of chain and some nails and screws to give it a bit of detail, I used my Dremel VersaFlame to lightly burn the wood. This will allow the detail to show through after staining the top. 

To stain the top I used Woodoc Gel Stain in Antique Oak. I love using gel stain because it is so easy to apply and dries instantly.

GOOD TO KNOW: Do wear gloves when staining wood.

GOOD TO KNOW: Over time, I have found that a piece of polyester batting that I used for upholstery projects is perfect for applying the stain. It allows you to spread easily and get into any nooks and crannies. 

After applying the stain I finished off with Woodoc 5 Polywax Sealer. This dries to a matt finish that is perfect for that reclaimed or worn wood look. Follow the instructions on the tin for proper application. It is necessary to flood the surface for the first coat, especially when the wood is very dry.