Recycle a Tree Stump into Stylish Side Table

It's so easy to recycle a tree stump into a stylish side table for a rustic yet sophisticated piece for your living room.




If you want to make a stylish side or coffee table at very little cost, using tree stump slices is the way to go. You can check for online suppliers at or, or keep an eye out for someone in your area having their trees cut down. You can usually pick up tree stumps, or have the tree fellers cut slices for you, at little or no cost.



Cut tree stump

16mm screws

Hairpin legs [3]

Foam paint roller and tray

Water-based polyurethane varnish







If you don't have any tree stumps of your own to use for this project, you can try online sites such as or, where you can buy anything from oak tree stumps or slices, or other wood species.





Drill / Driver or Combi Drill plus assorted bits

Sander, preferably an Orbital Sander plus 80-, 120- and 180-grit sanding pads

Polishing felt


Tape measure and pencil

Safety gear




1.  The first order of business is to prepare the wood slice. You will need to remove the bark, as sooner or later this wall fall off anyway. Choose the best side for the top of the table before clamping down and sanding to remove any irregularities. Start with an 80-grit sanding pad then change to 120-grit and then finish with 180-grit to smooth the finish. Using a random orbit sander or finishing sander will provide a scratch or swirl-free finish perfect for sealing or applying an epoxy resin if you prefer.



2. Make sure to wipe clean to remove all traces of dust before applying the polyurethane varnish. Follow the instructions on the can for proper application and be sure to cover the entire surface evenly.



3. To create a silky-smooth finish, use a felt pad to go over the varnished surface. If you want a glossy shine on the surface, re-apply 2 - 3 additional coats of varnish and then polish again once dry.








4. Now all that's left to do is secure the legs to the base of the wood slice and your new organic side table is ready for use.

GOOD TO KNOW: There are plenty of local suppliers for hairpin legs. Pop onto Google and type in 'buy hairpin legs' for a list of suppliers in your area.

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Applying Epoxy Resin Finish

Epoxy resin is the new method for finishing wood, especially if you want to create a heritage piece that lasts a lifetime or more. You can purchase 2-part epoxy resin kits at Builders, craft or hobby shops or via online suppliers and it is relatively easy to use if you follow the instructions to the letter. Also, be sure to wear the correct safety gear and work in a well-ventilated space when mixing or pouring epoxy resin. - 784893041301307734/




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