Use Pallet Wood to Make a Holder for your Power Tool Cases

This handy storage tower is great for holding all your power tool cases and boxes, plus you can make it using reclaimed pallet wood.



Power tool cases can take up a lot of space, plus the fact that it can be a hassle wading through your workshop to find the exact tool you need. This handy storage tower lets you keep all your power tool cases organised and easy to get to when you need your tools.

You can make the storage tower using reclaimed pallet wood or PAR pine - it's up to you. You can even use chipboard, plywood or SupaWood (MDF) to make the storage tower.







There are many different variations of this power tool case holder, depending on the type and size of power cases you have for your tool collection. Although not shown here, you can even add wheels to your storage tower so that you can move it around the workshop.




Pallet wood or PAR pine

5 x 60mm cut screws



Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Table saw, handsaw or jigsaw

Belt sander or Angle Grinder with flap disk

Tape measure and pencil

OPTIONAL: Corner clamps





1. Cut all the wood to the required sizes, based on the size of your largest tool case.



2. Sand all the cut pieces smooth before assembly.



3. Use corner clamps to assist you when joining the sections for the frame together.








4. Use 60mm screws to assemble the frame. If you are using PAR pine for the storage tower, pre-drill countersunk pilot holes n advance.




5. Test fit your power tool cases in the tower to make sure that they all fit in place.



6. Start adding the spacers so that you can mark the proper placement.



7. Once you are sure the boxes fit as required, you can secure the spacer shelves in position using screws.




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