Time For Woodoc

When your outdoor furniture is starting to lose it's shine and the rainy season has taken a hiatus, it's time to grab a can of Woodoc and protect and nourish outdoor furniture.


Our local climate is harsh on outdoor furniture; hot summers, cold winters, rain and sea spray, your outdoor furniture has to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. That's why it's important to ensure that your outdoor furniture is regularly maintained.

As soon as you notice the finish on  wood furniture becomes dull, it's time to grab a can of Woodoc at your local Builders or hardware store to nourish and protect.

Woodoc Exterior Sealers, unlike varnish products, biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle rather than crack or flake. This means that after about 12 to 18 months you will notice that the finish dulls. It's easy to restore your outdoor furniture...


Woodoc Exterior Sealer

Woodoc Steel Wool. fine

Mineral Turpentine


Quality Paintbrush


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Put down a drop cloth or newspaper to protect flooring and work in a well-ventilated area.

 1. To restore timber furniture previously treated with a Woodoc product rub it down thoroughly with Woodoc Steel Wool and mineral turpentine.

2. Soak a rag with mineral turpentine to get rid of any dust or loose particles.

3. It's important to apply a liberal first coat, re-applying on spots that become dull within 10 minutes. You want an evenly wet surface. Run the brush stroke away from the edge of the wood - never over it or the edge will 'scrape' the brush and cause runs.

GOOD TO KNOW: If the wood is dry and porous, keep applying the first coat until the wood remains evenly wet for 10 minutes.

TOP TIP: An overloaded paintbrush can result in runs and drips. Don't dip the brush deeper than a third of the bristle length into the Woodoc Sealer. It is far better to use a number of thin, well-laid-on applications than one thick, heavy coating.

4. Allow the first coat to dry hard and then wipe with Woodoc Steel Wool. This step is important to key the surface for the next coat. Wipe away the dust and any other loose matter before proceeding.

5.  Apply the second and third coats with long, light strokes over the surface, coating well with Woodoc Sealer. Smooth the surface down after the second coat, but not the third.

GOOD TO KNOW: Keeping the surface evenly wet will give the best results.