There's nothing quite as Satisfying as DIY

If there is one thing that the lockdown has made us realise it's that being able to do stuff yourself has its advantages, so why not think about getting stuck in DIY with one of these scrap wood projects?



Being able to make stuff with scrap wood not only lets you practice your DIY skills it's also a great way to make use of something you already have. If you are wanting to get started with your own DIY projects, making a few small projects using scrap or pallet wood won't be a total waste of money, plus you get to experience the highs and lows of doing it yourself - even if you do make a few mistakes along the way.









Invest in 3 Basic Tools

If you are looking to do more DIY in and around the home, whether it's fixing up stuff that's broken or needs maintenance, or slapping together some timber to make a dining room table or bathroom cabinet, there are going to be 3 basic tools you need to buy to get yourself started.



- Drill / Driver

Buying a drill / driver is top of the list. Not only will a cordless and portable drill / driver make your life much easier; it will ensure that you can assemble quickly, loosen and tighten screws instantly, and any other tasks where you would normally need a corded power drill or cordless screwdriver.



- Jigsaw

Nothing beats a jigsaw if you want to cut curves, corners or cut-outs. The slim blade means you can cut a variety of timber and board materials and you can trim pieces to size, particularly when you are working with scrap wood of offcuts. While Builders and other timber and board suppliers will cut pieces to size for you - they only cut rectangles or squares.



- Sander

Every DIY enthusiast needs a sander, whether it's for finishing off your projects, revamping or upcycling furniture, or doing home repairs and improvements. I generally recommend that you buy 2 sanders; an orbital sander and a random orbit sander. However, if you want an all-round sander that does it all, invest in a random orbit sander.








Choose the Best DIY Projects

When you first get started with DIY projects, you want something that is going to be easy to do. Don't try to start on something difficult or a project that uses tools you have never used before. Be comfortable and be confident and only select those projects you feel you could do. Choosing a big project could end up leaving you frustrated and annoyed rather than the sense of satisfaction you're wanting.


Simple Plant Stand

Simple yet practical and attractive, making a plant stand will definitely let you hone your DIY skills while making a decorative - and practical - plant stand for your home. All you need for this project is some 44 x 44 PAR pine and a piece of laminated pine shelving. How you fasten it together is up to you; you can use screws or a pocket-hole jig. - 264868021822785269/?nic_v1=1aOiqCqntpVqPWNuyDaIjIndljjZ33%2BVvZ%2Bv8sEGG4MtNhDIi7qQwc7Us9ypEYLnMN


Birdhouse or Letterbox

Another easy project that can be made with scrap wood or pallet wood is a birdhouse or letter box. You can design your own quirky or modern creation and finish it how you wish. The idea is to have fun making it and to enjoy learning how to use your tools and your new-found skills. - 214835844703235885/?nic_v1=1aXVQCBrOINhCllzCYNIw0oDQKyqIaUKxxFlIfwYciLkpn9iZh%2BXPHL4xm6zWKH4pI


Set of Chunky Floating Shelves

Who doesn't need more shelves, and these chunky floating shelves are definitely an eye-catching feature. Use reclaimed wood or pallet wood or learn how to distress 44 x 44 PAR pine to make it look like reclaimed wood. - 440297301072366202/?nic_v1=1ajxdvXshrGwRqTKyQlyb9stLvB1RzCWXODmnTl3RYRi5fWdw0w2f8KDuwuEEk2olV


Decorating Planter

If you want to add a bit of colour to a patio, deck or outdoor area, or perhaps even close to the front door, making your own planting is a breeze. Just remember that once the planter is finished you need to apply an exterior sealer to protect the wood. - 476607573052821081/?nic_v1=1aZ2F1niPi%2F9NSkefUJCQbGtNuI3y%2F3N%2B5XVx4RrkqRVL2faxb2JixBSfOeqREmujQ


Handy Stepstool

Short-shits like me always find a stepstool handy to have around. I just can't reach the top cupboards in my home, so it's great to have that extra bit of step up when I need it. You will also find that making a stepstool is an easy DIY project.



Shelf Brackets and Shelves

Need more storage in your bedroom or in a nursery? Discover how to make your own shelf brackets to hang your own shelves for any room in the home. Once you gain more practice using a jigsaw, you will be able to advance to decorative designs. - 700028335812172032/?nic_v1=1aYRZf2QSFBarLBCf10mGUw%2BGT9zZbdLa6NxzeMBk5Pwn521l7jnGINmF3Uuu0NTDU



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