Stop Damage to Window Frames Caused by Ants

Ants can be destructive little buggers and preventing damage to window frames and door frames caused by ants is something you need to take action on immediately.






If there is one thing I know for sure after living in my home for almost 30 years, it is that I still love my wooden window frames and wooden doors and frames. Despite the fact that they require regular ongoing maintenance to keep them looking in tip-top condition, nothing beats the beauty, warmth, and character that wood brings to a home - both inside and out.



Every 18 to 24 months the wooden frames get a good inspection to see what needs to be done and in the past few months I have noticed that ants have started trying to burrow around the window frames. The evidence is small piles of sawdust along the window ledges that indicate activity is taking place and that ants are starting to move in. There is very little you can do when ants start to move into the walls of a building other than try to stay on top of it or have a professional pest company come out, but there are ways to keep ants from destroying any wooden fittings.







Regular Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is not just to ensure that wooden fittings such as window and door frames remain in good condition, but also that the wood itself is healthy and can withstand any attack, whether it be weather, mould and mildew, or insect infestation. When wood is left untreated, it quickly becomes brittle and soft and easily destroyed whereas wood that has been enriched with a sealer will be dense and strong.





Apply exterior or interior sealer or wood preservative as soon as it is needed. When wood starts to dull or look dried out, treatment should be done as quickly as possible. Builders have a huge selection of brand names and products for treating and preserving wood.



If you regularly inspect any wood fittings on the property, you will immediately notice if they need any type of attention. After all, It is part of the job of being a homeowner and looking after your investment just as you would maintain any other part of the structure. Make it a habit to go around the property every 6 months to inspect from top to bottom and you will prevent possible damage from occurring or at least be able to sort it out before it becomes a bigger problem.





Apply Insecticide

The second line of defense is to attack as soon as you sight any sign of insect infestation. Visit the gardening section at Builders where you will find the correct treatment for a wide range of insect problems. Yes, these are of a chemical nature and not very eco-friendly, but even pest companies have to use extreme measures when a home is under attack. There are many organic solutions that can be tried but not all work very well and those that do are only temporarily effective.







When ants invade wooden fittings, you do not have time to waste and need to pull out the big guns to shut down the action as soon as possible.



Make The Necessary Repairs

If you are already too late and damage has been done to wooden fittings, and particularly wooden window frames, you need to remedy the damage immediately to prevent the problem becoming bigger and having to replace the window frames entirely. See my article "Repair Damage to Wood by Insects".






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