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Repair damage to wood by insects

Many homes are plagued by ants that make their nests in and around a property, and they can cause extensive damage to wood. Take immediate action to repair damaged wood to prevent wood rot and expensive repairs or replacements.


Since my last home inspection, I was surprised to discover that ants had set up home in a nest created by eating away the wood window frame. Even though it was only been four months since my inspection, they have managed to remove a lot of wood, and this will be a problem when water gets in.

Fortunately, there is a quick solution for this problem... Alcolin QuikWood. I have used this product, and other products in the range, with excellent results. Plus, it's very simple to use and provides a permanent solution.

Using Alcolin QuikWood is quick and easy. Use a wet knife to cut off as much of the product as you think you will need.

Don't knead too much product in one go. The epoxy putty starts to harden as soon as the two components are combined, so only knead enough to work with as quickly as possible.

Remove the foil ends on the roll and then peel away the plastic wrap covering.

With wet hands, knead the product until the colour is consistent throughout. The roll has an outer darker ring and a lighter inner ring of product, and these two need to be well kneaded together.

Have a small container of water handy as you work to keep you hands wet as you push the epoxy putty into the hole and spread out. Keep dipping your fingers in the water to smooth and ensure the edges of the epoxy putty are blended into the surrounding wood.

I sprayed the hole with Doom before applying to epoxy putty to make sure no creepy crawlies would come out while I was working!

Now all that you have to do is let the product cure properly - tap to see if it is hard - and then varnish or seal to match.

Find the extensive range of Alcolin Quik epoxy products at your local Builders store.


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