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Make a tree stump coffee table

Tree stump tables are still making appearances in many homes as coffee table and side tables. There's a good reason for this... they are free! There are more than a few tree fellers who will gladly give away tree stumps that are normally headed for the dump, and if you're prepared to pay for the service, will cut a stump down to the perfect size for you.


Making your own tree stump coffee table not only adds a unique piece to your room setting, you can also make the table for practically nothing if you are prepared to find a tree feller who is willing to cut down to size for you. You can even get in touch with the Parks Department of your local municipality to see if they have any tree stumps and then arrange to have one cut into a decent-sized slab. If they aren't prepared to cut down the stump you may need to hire a chainsaw for the day to do it yourself.



Make sure to take along a couple of friends and a trolley for moving your tree stump, since most trees chopped down are serious hardwoods that weigh a hefty amount. These hardwoods will last a few lifetimes with regular care and maintenance.



To clean up your tree stump you will first need to remove the outer layer of bark. If you leave it on it will dry out and peel off, making a mess indoors. Use a wood chisel to remove the outer bark from around the perimeter of the stump. You can use a variety of tools to work the stump to a smooth finish.








A Planer comes in very handy for removing rough ridges around the outside and on the top of the stump. Or use a Belt Sander and various grit sandpapers, starting at 80-grit and working your way up to 120-grit. Fine sanding for a smooth finish can be done with 180- or 240-grit sandpaper and an orbital sander.


The majority of  larger power tools can be hired for the day from a tool hire shop.



The legs for this tree stump coffee table were made from reclaimed steel weights. You can use any type of leg as long as it is strong enough to support the weight of the table. You will find a variety of leg styles at - or look local for suppliers of reclaimed materials, such as a salvage yard.



Make sure that whatever legs you use are securely mounted into the base of the stump. If may be necessary to drill out holes using a large diameter wood bit and finish these off with a wood chisel, so that legs are embedded in the stump and any gaps filled with 2-part epoxy putty. 



Once your tree stump table is assembled, you have a variety of tool options to create a smooth finish: Use one of the Woodoc range of interior sealers in clear or tinted to protect and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Apply Woodoc Sealer in clear or tinted to offer protection against spills and stains. Treat the wood with an oil or wax preservative, bearing in mind that this needs to be applied on a regular basis to offer maximum protection.