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Patio lounger using birch logs

If you know of anyone having their birch trees trimmed, or know of a tree-felling company in your area, using birch logs to make this modern lounger is a fun way to add a unique piece of furniture to your indoor or outdoor spaces. It's easy enough to make and won't cost much, even if you have to pay for the logs.

Have the logs cut to a length of around 450mm to 500mm. This will be the width of the chair and you can make it wider if you prefer. You can also use a chain saw or sabre saw to cut your logs to the length required.


Logs of between 100mm and 200mm in diameter
48 Lag screws - 150mm for up to 200mm diameter logs
2 of 1800mm lengths of steel flat bar for bracings*
Pack of 4 x 75mm cut screws


Drill / Driver
20mm spade bit
4mm wood bit or HSS bit at least 200mm long

*Buy a long length of steel flat bar. Cut into strips of 200mm long and pre-drill 5mm holes for mounting.



1. Mark out the shape for your lounger using masking tape. Use this to do a test layout with the cut logs. You can move the logs around until you are happy with the design.

2. Use a 20mm spade bit to drill 3 holes, evenly spaced, along the long on one side and to a depth of 60mm in  logs 150mm diameter and 80mm in logs 200mm diameter. These holes allow you to use a 150mm diameter lag screw rather than spending more on longer screws.

Stagger the arrangement of the 3 holes from log to log. This will ensure the drilled holes and screws do not come into contact with those in the preceding log.

3. Holding two logs together, use the long 4mm bit to drill pilot holes in the drilled out holes and into the adjoining log.

4. Use a socket wrench or hex bit to drive the lag screws and connect the logs.

5. Flip the lounger upright and see where it wobbles. You can also do a little bit of shaping at this point before attaching the braces.

6. Use steel brackets and 75mm cut screws on the back side of the lounger to strengthen and stiffen any weak and wobbly parts.


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