Using Penetrating Oils

To maintain, restore and bring out the natural beauty of wood grain, a penetrating oil or antique wax is preferable to any other type of finish as part of a maintenance programme for wood.


Using a Wood Maintenance System
Wood is a natural material that 'breathes' as it reacts to humidity and climatic changes. This causes it to expand and contract, upsetting the surface protective coating and drying out the wood at the same time.

It is essential to look after wood - not only to maintain its appearance but also to nourish and rejuvenate the wood itself. With proper care your beautiful furniture and woodwork will be the pride of your home.

To keep wood in top condition, Woodoc has the complete original maintenance system:

Woodoc Deep Penetrating Furniture Wax is the premier wipe-on maintenance and beautification product for all oiled, sealed and varnished woodwork. It deep penetrates the surface to re-nourish the wood below while cleaning and rejuvenating the surface coating. It will protect furniture and woodwork against severe moisture and environmental changes, such as experienced with changes in season and while furniture or woodwork is in transit.

Apply Woodoc Deep Penetrating Wax with a soft, dry cloth until the wood appears saturated. Thereafter, it should be applied sparingly when the surface starts looking dry.

Woodoc Antique Wax is formulated in the tradition and high standards of Woodoc wood care products. blended with the finest waxes on a white wax base, Antique Wax from Woodoc cleans and refreshes as it polishes, leaving no residual build-up. It gives a polish second to none on all furniture and fine woodwork finishes, especially antiques.

Apply Woodoc Antique Wax by lightly rubbing on with a soft, dry cloth. When it has dried to a white powdery layer, polish with a clean, soft, dry cloth.