Powafix Timber Treatment

In this article we offer advice on how to treat and care for a log cabin or Wendy house using Powafix Timber Treatments.


When buying or building a log cabin or Wendy house, it is essential to apply a quality timber treatment to protect and extend the life of these structures. This article will explain how to treat and care for log cabins and Wendy houses using Powafix timber treatments and is based on the application to newly built and existing cabins.

We explain how to apply Powafix Waksol, Powa Sealer and Fence Defence and includes preparation, pre-treatment, final coats and maintenance coats - all of which help prolong the life of timber.


Preparation is the most important step and is crucial to a successful job. The preparation process removes grease, oils, dirt, dust, contaminants and smoothens off any imperfections to create a sound surface to ensure adhesion and product performance.


100-grit sandpaper

Powafix Sugar Soap

Powafix Enseal

Orbital Sander plus 100-grit sanding pads


1. Start by sanding the entire cabin using an orbital sander and 100grit sanding pads. This will remove surface contaminants, splinters and give your timber an even texture across the panels. It will also slightly even out the colour of the timber, giving you a more uniform look.

2. Dilute Powafix concentrated Liquid Sugar Soap by mixing 500g sugar soap to 5 liters of warm water. Use a bristle broom or scrubbing brush to wash all surfaces and then rinse off with clean water and allow to dry.

GOOD TO KNOW: Sugar Soap will remove dirt, grease, oil, salts and contaminants.

3. Once all the surfaces are dry you can apply Powafix Enseal clear. This product is designed to prevent insect attack and fungal decay. One coat is suitable, but I personally prefer applying two coats. Enseal can be applied by brush, spray or dipping. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

GOOD TO KNOW: Wear gloves, mask and safety goggles when using Enseal,


The final coat is the main protective coat, in this section we will cover three different coatings that can be used.




Powa Sealer


Fence Defence

Solvent-based Brush Cleaner


Roller and tray


Waksol is a solvent and wax based timber sealer with excellent water repelling properties. Waksol will not dry 100% and will have a slightly oily residue, so should be used on exterior surfaces only, it can be used inside on out-of-reach surfaces.

Apply Waksol by brush or dipping, applying a minimum of  two coats for maximum protection against the harsh elements of our South African climate. Waksol will darken the timber to a transparent greenish-brown colour.

GOOD TO KNOW: If Waksol is being applied to hard timber, thin the first coat by 10 percent with Powafix Mineral Turps to help absorb into the timber. Apply the second coat undiluted.

Maintenance coat should be applied every 18 to 24 months. To apply first wash down with Powafix Sugar Soap and then apply one coat of Waksol.


Powa Sealer is a water based non-hazardous alternative to Waksol that seals and waterproofs timber. It is a transparent coating and come in three shades: Walnut, Natural and Ebony.

Two coats are required and can be applied by brush or roller. Powa sealer is designed for both interior and exterior use.

Maintenance coat should be applied every 12 to 18 months. Wash surfaces with liquid sugar soap, and once dry, apply one coat of Powa Sealer.


Fence Defence is a water based timber water proofer that seals timber and protects against wood rot and fungal decay. Fence Defence is a two-coat system that is applied by brush or roller and is available in Black, Green and Brown.

Fence Defence is used for interior or exterior and once dry it can be over coated with a standard PVA. This allows you to coat your cabin with a colour of your choice.

Even though Fence Defence is a water based product, you will need Powafix solvent-based brush Cleaner to clean equipment.

If Fence Defence is left as the finishing coat a maintenance coat it should be re-applied every 12 to 18 months.

For more information on the Powafix range of products visit their website www.powafix.co.za