Caring for exterior timber

When it comes to adding aesthetic features to a home, nothing compares to the natural beauty and resilience of wood. But any timber surface exposed to the elements will age with time. Timber becomes dull and, if not carefully maintained, moisture penetrates and damages the wood.


Wood must receive the proper protection and maintenance to ensure its long-lasting quality, functional and aesthetic properties. Though most woods weather to a silvery grey if left unprotected, moisture is wood’s greatest enemy. Treating a piece with a water sealer or other product will extend the life.

Top tips for wood care and maintenance:

  • Before applying any treatment product to the surface, wood must be completely dry.
  • Always ensure that the surface is clean and free of dirt.
  • When cleaning wood only use mineral turpentine.
  • It is essential to work 'with the grain' when scraping, sanding or applying finishes.

If you follow the above guidelines and use a top quality product, such as Woodoc, your wood finishes will endure time and the elements and continue to add a natural beauty to your home.

Using Woodoc Sealers
When using products to care for maintain wood here are some guidelines for best results:
• Only use quality brushes for application of the product.
• Surfaces need to be clean, dry and smooth.
• Apply several well laid coats and not a single thick coat.
• Always work with the grain of the wood.
• Proper care should be given to the end grain of the wood   (edges) are these areas absorb more sealer and are the   first to show damage if not treated correctly.
• Follow the recommended application instructions.

Applying Woodoc Sealer

When selecting a sealer make sure that you choose the right product for the job. Apply the first coat liberally, touching up spots that become dull to achieve an evenly wet surface. This deep penetrating and nourishing application creates the bond with the wood.

DIY Tip:
Always take the brush stroke away from the edges of the wood never over them or the edges will 'scrape' the brush and cause runs.

It is recommended that three good coats of sealer be applied to achieve the best finish and protection for the wood. Allow the first coat to dry completely and then smooth it down with steelwool. This step is important to key the wood for the next coat. Clean off any dust before proceeding. Apply further coats with long, light strokes, coating the surface well with sealer. Smooth the surface down after the second coat but not the third.

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