Caring for wood furniture

Sometimes wood surfaces need a little bit of extra protection. Protect coffee tables, sideboards and dining tables from everyday wear with a touch of Woodoc.


Antique and vintage furniture needs to be protected and cared for. It's essential to ensure that expensive or treasured pieces are given adequate protection from everyday knocks and scratches. A couple of coats of  Woodoc 20 will ensure that these pieces not only last more than a lifetime - they'll also look beautiful as well.

Woodoc 20 Gloss Indoor Wood Sealer is a high-gloss grain filling polyurethane sealer that produces and extremely tough, heat-, chip- and scratch-resistant finish.


1. Clean the surface with an orbital sander and 180-grit sandpaper. If the surface was previously varnished, paint stripper or a heat gun may need to be used - don't forget to neutralise the paint stripper it according to instructions on the tin before you apply your Woodoc sealer.

2. Dip the tip of the brush into the can and let the excess drip off.  Do not wipe off the excess on the edge of the can. The bristles will absorb enough finish to allow you to start putting it on. Begin by holding the brush at an angle, 45° or so to the surface, and lay it on in long, even strokes, working with the grain of the wood.

DIY Tip:
Apply Woodoc 20 following the instructions on the label. Remember, it's important to get an even wet surface that stays wet for at least 10 minutes with each coat for the best result and finish.

3. Apply the first coat of Woodoc 20 and leave until hard dry. Lightly sand the surface with Woodoc SteelWool and wipe clean before applying a second coat of Woodoc 20, again allowing enough drying time and lightly sanding as above. The third and final coat is left unsanded for a beautiful high-gloss finish that seals and protects the wood.

DIY Tip:
To avoid drips and runs on vertical surfaces, it's better to lay on too little rather than too much finish. Correcting those mistakes ultimately will take more time than simply brushing on another coat to get the build-up that you need.