How to Get the Look of Reclaimed Timber or Aged Wood

Below is an easy way to get the look of reclaimed timber or aged wood when using ordinary pine for a project.






Not everyone is able to find reclaimed timber but wants the look of reclaimed timber furniture. I discovered a way to make ordinary laminated pine shelving look like the reclaimed timber furniture you find in many home decor stores. The trick is to use Woodoc Gel Stain and some common household products to age new timber and make it look authentic.







Step 1

Use wide masking take to mask off blocks, as you would normally see on most reclaimed timber furniture.

You can use Woodoc Gel Stain, or you can use alternatives you find find in the home such as a wet teabag, brown vinegar, or balsamic vinegar for a darker effect. I like to soak a steel wool pad in vinegar over the weekend.





There are no rules when it comes to ageing wood, and you can use any technique that works best for you.






Step 2

Remove and replace the masking tape as you apply the various treatments to individual sections.





This is what my laminated pine looks like after applying the stain - and a teabag or two!! Not quite aged yet and there are still a few things you can do to complete the authentic reclaimed timber or aged wood effect.









Step 3

 I have a collection of tools and bits that I used to distress new wood. A hammer, some lengths of chain and assorted screws can be used to scrape the wood to create panels or strips, and to distress the surface of the wood. Let your inhibitions go and experiment with what you have.





Step 4

As the final treatment, and the one that really adds the most ageing effect, I soak steel wool for a couple of days in vinegar. It smells really disgusting but works like a dream.





Use a paintbrush to spread the rusty vinegar solution over the wood and then squeeze out the steel wool and rub over once or twice to get some of the muck into the gouges and dents.





And there you have it... an easy way to make brand new pine look like reclaimed or aged wood.