Pretty storage unit using offcuts and reclaimed wood

This practical storage shelf is made using a variety of materials, the majority of which can be leftover offcuts and pieces of pine and some reclaimed wood slats from a wood crate. If you don't have or can't find an old crate you can buy 10 x 44mm PAR pine slats at your local Builders store. 


2 of 400 x 800mm 16mm MDF - sides

2 of 400 x 600mm 16mm MDF - top / bottom

6 of 180 x 380mm pine - drawer sides

3 of  180 x 550mm pine - drawer base

10mm thick reclaimed wood slats for front and back of drawers

3.5 x 30mm cut screws

4 caster wheels and 16mm screws

Medium panel pins

Wood filler

Wood glue


Drill / Driver plus assorted bits

Countersink bit


Orbital sander plus 120- and 240-grit sanding pads



1. Attach the sides to the front and back by drilling two 2mm countersunk pilot holes through the sides.

2. Measure and mark for the drawer supports on both faces of the sides. The bottom drawer support is mounted 20mm up from the base.  Attach the supports using wood glue and 35mm screws. 

3. Assemble the drawers by securing the sides to the base using screws. Use a hammer and panel pins to secure the slats onto the front and back of the drawers. 

4. Sand all the pieces to remove any uneven edges (if necessary) and then sand smooth.


Use one of the Prominent Ultra range of paints. Apply Prominent Ultra Primer to pine pieces before painting. You can choose from matt, sheen or gloss, bearing in mind that matt paint will hide imperfections but not offer a scrubbable finish, while gloss will show up the imperfections but also be easier to clean. You can apply paint with a combination paintbrush and paint roller, or using a Bosch PFS spray system.