Handcrafted bicycles, skateboards and sunglasses

This is the story of five friends with a common goal... To bring woodworking into the 21st century with their modern creations.


Triton Tools visited the beautiful rural area called Les Vosges to visit a new start up business called In'Bô. This innovative group of guys graduated as engineers and wanted to make more practical use of their skills by starting a business. Thanks to some support from their local department, they were able to get up and running, designing and creating wooden eyewear, skateboards and bamboo bicycles.

From the four corners of France, these five friends found themselves at the National School of Technology and Wood Industries. Their passion for woodworking and outdoor sports, combined with their sense of adventure, created the team behind In'Bô. 

It was an adventure that began in garages and attics and would soon lead to the launch of their first handcrafted surfboard. Not long after came the introduction of handcrafted skis, and later the manufacture of bamboo bicycles and wooden sunglasses.

Visually exciting and aesthetically designed, this is a true object of desire. Bamboo and flax fibre combine together to create a bicycle where vibration absorption and provides incomparable comfort, no matter what the surface.

The Lhenry is the first bike frame designed in the In'Bô workshop. This design is most suitable for slope racing, or for fixed-gear bike lovers, and has been put through intensive trials and testing by In'Bô's sponsored racer, Thibaud Lhenry, in international races.


In'Bô skateboards revisit the longboard by combining aesthetics and technology. They select local species for marquetry, beech for the heart, and reinforce with flax fibre for strength.

The dimensions of the skateboard and its design make it a nice board to ride as it absorbs defects in the road and provides a feeling of incomparable comfort. All In'Bô skateboards are designed to provide optimum flex.